Leaving My Dog Alone with a Whole Chicken

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Tucker Budzyn

10 months ago

Leaving My Dog Alone with a Whole Chicken
Tucker CANNOT resist chicken. He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with an entire delicious chicken.
Will he pass the ultimate test?
What was your favorite part?
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Zoya Syed
Zoya Syed 19 hours ago
Let's be honest, he's more likely to not eat that chicken than I am.
Cassy Ronquillo
Cassy Ronquillo Day ago
DO YOU NOW WHY HE SAY OH MY DOG BC oh wait im in capslock ok restart do you now why he say tucker say oh my dog bc backwords is god
Why does Tucker always wear his bow tie everywhere?
TimeStopper Day ago
Yoyo Lo
Yoyo Lo Day ago
I’m so sad :(
Allison Goutzoulis
Allison Goutzoulis 2 days ago
1:23 Did anybody think for a second that those flowers were on top of his head?Just me.Ok sure then
Ahmad Latouf
Ahmad Latouf 2 days ago
Me when I see a celebrity 2:51
Yousef Fatani
Yousef Fatani 2 days ago
Me like chimken
Yummy Cookie
Yummy Cookie 3 days ago
Love his neck tie
Vishnu Thilakkan
Vishnu Thilakkan 3 days ago
Rixam Hagopit
Rixam Hagopit 4 days ago
Prince Sidon
Prince Sidon 4 days ago
Linda :This chicken is for me not you Tucker: Hekkin Linda I still eats chimken
Gordon Austin
Gordon Austin 4 days ago
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donna pham
donna pham 4 days ago
Tucker you make me laugh so hard. I guess you were hungry for the chicken....
donna pham
donna pham 4 days ago
Tucker is a good boy.....
Vibhas Deshmukh
Vibhas Deshmukh 4 days ago
iPhone ringtone on a Samsung
Eriq Dohman
Eriq Dohman 5 days ago
I love the way he slowly rises, then makes a sudden movement.
Jjthebeast Beast
Jjthebeast Beast 5 days ago
Juju Sorensen
Juju Sorensen 5 days ago
Defne Duru
Defne Duru 6 days ago
02:50 Oh, that's good.
Ojasvi Vasudha
Ojasvi Vasudha 6 days ago
Why no one is taking about Tucker is soooo cute in his bow tie.
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 4 days ago
I hear you...as a straight american male I lack the ability to acknowledge "cuteness" outside of babies and women, but this dog makes me want to give him a hug. No "H-Mo"...😂
joshua Santos
joshua Santos 6 days ago
I don't know why but I like how tucker just walks into frame.
Kyrkos Ekaterinaris
Kyrkos Ekaterinaris 6 days ago
Such a sweet dog! But seriously, you leave a knife and fork straight on the table? 🤨
Karter McDouglas
Karter McDouglas 6 days ago
Don't get me wrong, we all know you trained Tucker well, but leaving any dog alone with a whole chicken is seriously a bad idea. I'm hoping you had your husband or something nearby watching. And if you didn't, just a note for next time as we all need to learn sometime as we all are born with infinite knowledge, chicken bones are DEADLY to dogs
Sneaky '33
Sneaky '33 7 days ago
I like how she set her ringtone to an iPhone ringtone but its a galaxy phone.
Sweeptheleg !
Sweeptheleg ! 7 days ago
Hell my dog would have stuck her head in the oven as soon as I opened the door. She tries to jump on the kitchen counter too. Zero food discipline. 😂
Godzilla 2021
Godzilla 2021 7 days ago
Chimken henlo
Tplus30 8 days ago
My two dogs wouldn't last a second with that chicken at eye level. It would be gone in a "dog watch".
VOLT_ PhonixXx
VOLT_ PhonixXx 9 days ago
You mean chimken
Potato • 998 years ago
Potato • 998 years ago 10 days ago
1:28 "WoW Tucker's head looks like it has a crown...awww
Anthony Mackay
Anthony Mackay 10 days ago
what if he ate the chimkem
Ben Lr
Ben Lr 10 days ago
I like how tucker didn’t touch the chimken
Abbey Smith
Abbey Smith 11 days ago
Tuckrur good boy
Thomas Greaney
Thomas Greaney 11 days ago
This puts a smile on my face
KnightOfFirmament 11 days ago
Owner: This isn't for you Dog: Sorry, sorry, *Our Chicken*
Derek Boone
Derek Boone 11 days ago
the girl cute
Sevgi Yakisir
Sevgi Yakisir 12 days ago
TT LB 12 days ago
Did anybody else just watch this video and suddenly want chicken
Melissa Ventura
Melissa Ventura 12 days ago
EstebanPlayzRoblox 12 days ago
Kriti Makhija
Kriti Makhija 12 days ago
I loveeeeee this dog omg I'm obsessed
Alfie Whitney
Alfie Whitney 12 days ago
The ending is my fav
Rynx 12 days ago
disressed 100% see's tucker dispressed 0%
Jini and belatrix Sahu
Jini and belatrix Sahu 13 days ago
Poor tucker Linda is leaving him a whole chimkin She should not do this :(
Sai priye Prinja
Sai priye Prinja 13 days ago
Tucker is such a obidient sweet heart ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍😍
Yarissa Santiago
Yarissa Santiago 13 days ago
@ 0:16 how did the camera survive in the hot oven
Natalie Corson
Natalie Corson 13 days ago
1:16 his face though
Daniel Jaeger
Daniel Jaeger 13 days ago
this is entrapment
Steven Stolar
Steven Stolar 13 days ago
This is actually a pretty good dog
Alfie Whitney
Alfie Whitney 13 days ago
Rip linda's chimken
PandaMC 13 days ago
I think he ate it because he saw that he was able to eat it before.
Josna Akter
Josna Akter 14 days ago
Tucker comes to eat chimken. Linda wait Babababababbab
Piotrek Patelnia
Piotrek Patelnia 14 days ago
With a whole chimken*
Mergen Saruul
Mergen Saruul 14 days ago
I wish I had a puppy
Tang Swee Ching
Tang Swee Ching 14 days ago
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Luca Arruda
Luca Arruda 14 days ago
Pawlice doesn’t sound very pleasing
Lindsey Stu
Lindsey Stu 14 days ago
I would think it’s too hot
Silver Doe
Silver Doe 14 days ago
Tucker is such a good boy. My dog would eat it without hesitation.
Siva Arun
Siva Arun 14 days ago
Give Thiru arutpa book to all humans in the world.
Murshida Mary
Murshida Mary 15 days ago
Pamela Jett
Pamela Jett 16 days ago
Tucker is so handsome with his cute bowtie!❤💋😂
Doug Huie
Doug Huie 16 days ago
Like the bow tie.
jasmine alcala
jasmine alcala 16 days ago
Aww your dog is soo cute and good job❤️
MaryElizabeth Eisler
MaryElizabeth Eisler 17 days ago
Look at tickets head 1:26
mukbangers asmrs
mukbangers asmrs 17 days ago
mukbangers asmrs
mukbangers asmrs 17 days ago
"oh my dog"
mukbangers asmrs
mukbangers asmrs 17 days ago
I love that "chimken"
Melissa Harris
Melissa Harris 17 days ago
He so cute
Jennifer S
Jennifer S 17 days ago
Can I please have Tucker pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeas
Izuku Midoriya
Izuku Midoriya 18 days ago
this video is fake. that isnt a chicken, that's a chimken
Kourtnee Gordon
Kourtnee Gordon 18 days ago
Omg 😂😂😂😂😂 lol
a millers
a millers 18 days ago
Tucker ya
a millers
a millers 18 days ago
You. Are the best
Greg D
Greg D 18 days ago
Why does everyone keep calling it a chicken???? It's a chimken!
Monserrat Lara
Monserrat Lara 18 days ago
Love You tucker
Frozen_In_Time 19 days ago
I will subscribe to anyone that subscribes to me.
Victor Tovar
Victor Tovar 19 days ago
Benny The Bengal
Benny The Bengal 19 days ago
XxDragonPlayzxX 19 days ago
If I was a dog, I would've eaten the chimken if the person was still in the room
Ase Kon
Ase Kon 19 days ago
How is this video 10 months ago😭😭😭 Feels like just watch yesterday This was my fav video of Tucker Cox he looks very sexy in bow😂
Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron 19 days ago
video suggestion: Leaving my dog with a whole turkey
Greg D
Greg D 18 days ago
anthony or yesno
anthony or yesno 19 days ago
Eat it
Ken Rowe
Ken Rowe 20 days ago
My dog would have grabbed the whole thing and said forget you it’s mine
Josh is sad
Josh is sad 20 days ago
I can’t stand the stupid ass text, do people actually enjoy this and laugh?
Josh is sad
Josh is sad 18 days ago
@Greg D you must have a good sense of humor
Greg D
Greg D 18 days ago
You must be fun at parties.
Imabacon 20 days ago
Tucker calls chicken chimken but he said CHICKEN
nichole mayra
nichole mayra 20 days ago
The hollow sister findingsinitially lock because interest ostensibly realise among a cute tablecloth. moldy, domineering mirror
Hasib TheGreat
Hasib TheGreat 20 days ago
AIDEN FRAME 21 day ago
face reveal!!!!
Trey slayerYT
Trey slayerYT 21 day ago
I called paw patrol They will save tucker from torture
Shaan P
Shaan P 21 day ago
that intro tho...
Shelby Lalonde
Shelby Lalonde 21 day ago
lol he justs wants to listen to get some
Angelo Victoria
Angelo Victoria 21 day ago
I tried it but the dog just ate all of it hahaha
Jake Stratton
Jake Stratton 22 days ago
I love when he’s like she probably fell in toilet
Emmaria Stewart
Emmaria Stewart 22 days ago
Tucker: HOLY HEKK Linda; Don't touch it Tucker oh cmon am good boi tho Me: SO FUNNY CAN'T STOP LAUGHING
Emmaria Stewart
Emmaria Stewart 22 days ago
Tucker: OH MY DOG is dat chimekin OMG I STARTED TO LAUGH SO HARD
Greg D
Greg D 18 days ago
Samuel Orfanu
Samuel Orfanu 22 days ago
JuicyCurls 23 days ago
He’s so well trained great job 👏🏾
Imabacon 23 days ago
Thats not chickem,its turkey
Damaris Polanco
Damaris Polanco 23 days ago
Why did you put the camera in the microwave
Cutest Puppy
Cutest Puppy 23 days ago
Lol once he tasted chicken,he couldn't control
Lindsay Steele
Lindsay Steele 23 days ago
this video is so cute
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