This Is What My Dog Does When I Workout

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Tucker Budzyn

5 months ago

This Is What My Dog Does When I Workout
There's nothing like living with a golden retriever. You always have a fluffy buddy right by your side whenever you do anything. This is what Tucker does every time I try to workout.
What was your favorite part?
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I was laughing my head off so my mum came in and told me to shut up
TARIK MOUNIH 6 hours ago
Fluffy Golden Retriever😍
TARIK MOUNIH 6 hours ago
Smoochoe Time😝😝😝 Hell Yup😆😆😆
Lil Fleur
Lil Fleur 7 hours ago
So cute!
Neuro 8 hours ago
I love doggos!!!
Ry Man Vee
Ry Man Vee 13 hours ago
That dog is smarter then me
Jack Bauer
Jack Bauer Day ago
"working out" lol
SniperWolf2969 Day ago
10 lbs. ain’t that heavy! I’m only 11 and I can lift that pretty easy.😏
Keyla Vasquez
Keyla Vasquez Day ago
on 1:17 he got a haircut:)
Rajesh Desai
Rajesh Desai Day ago
I want to see more videos like this of pretty women in their tight yoga pants, acting cute and doing girly things which they think are funny.
Aylin Hashemi
Aylin Hashemi 2 days ago
Lazy tucker
ProjecT Gaming yt
ProjecT Gaming yt 2 days ago
I wanna ask is it a female retriver
19952710 2 days ago
Cuteness overload soooooo CUTE!!!!!!!
Jimmy The jimmy
Jimmy The jimmy 3 days ago
Yeah that’s cool
Manikchand Shukla
Manikchand Shukla 3 days ago
hazira 3 days ago
Too adorable
Anya Konded
Anya Konded 3 days ago
Awwww! He’s soo cute and funny! The way Tucker said “ hey Linda you should try robin on da wall”. Lind is like ok! I will! He is sooo handsome!!!
sneezayy 3 days ago
Linda H
shruti mishra
shruti mishra 3 days ago
Genessis Lopez
Genessis Lopez 4 days ago
I think I fall in love with her Doggy Tucker 😍❤️🤤🤤😵😵🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😵😵😵😵🤤🤤😐😐😚😚😚
Genessis Lopez
Genessis Lopez 4 days ago
I think I fall in love 😍💙 with here doggy
Genessis Lopez
Genessis Lopez 4 days ago
He is sooo damn cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😵😵😵
April Rodriguez
April Rodriguez 4 days ago
i need more faces for more smiles I WANT THIS DOG
Siver5300 4 days ago
Omg that is so cute, So huggable ♥️ And the dog is ok too i guess
Siow Jjckd
Siow Jjckd 4 days ago
That’s what my dog does too!
Bethany Thomas
Bethany Thomas 4 days ago
That is what my dog does when I workout
Greg 4 days ago
R u the iphone Linda ?
Mira Mhsn
Mira Mhsn 5 days ago
How old is tuker
Dalkis Arocha
Dalkis Arocha 6 days ago
Eventos video when im sad he makes me happy and I love it all your fans love you tucker ohh and you to linds
Antonio Singson
Antonio Singson 6 days ago
I could work you out, Linda. Like Tactless, without my clothes, too..
David Catalino
David Catalino 6 days ago
He so cute 😍
BATTLE BOI 6 days ago
Linda is beautiful
ASHTON CREWS 6 days ago
Your doggo is so smart!! My dog is so dumb xDDD
Manpreet Sanghera
Manpreet Sanghera 6 days ago
:little tucker: hewo everyone :big tucker :HI LINDA STOP. LINDA
Mario Asmr S
Mario Asmr S 7 days ago
These videos make me not wanna have dogs but I love❤️em
Michael Grey
Michael Grey 7 days ago
can the next videos be just the dog, not the girl?
teamsuzuki400 7 days ago
All that floof! He is definitely 100% lion and not doggo
Hailie Crawford
Hailie Crawford 7 days ago
Hailie Crawford
Hailie Crawford 7 days ago
Hailie Crawford
Hailie Crawford 7 days ago
your dog is cute
Manik Lakhanpal
Manik Lakhanpal 7 days ago
0:35 now that's called switching sides in real life
CHEECHMUN 7 days ago
Your dog is beautiful and so are you. So pretty!
Prathiksh Shetty
Prathiksh Shetty 8 days ago
Linda is cuter than tucker 🤪
Pete Frias
Pete Frias 8 days ago
Cool pup your 🔥☮️
AlphaCentauri24 8 days ago
This is a match made in Heaven. Thats a beautiful dog.
Jesicca Grover
Jesicca Grover 8 days ago
So cute
Ramiz Ghareeba
Ramiz Ghareeba 8 days ago
It is so funny when Linda was crawling and Tucker was like da hekk, i was jokin.😂😂😂😂
Tugmaster Kommer
Tugmaster Kommer 8 days ago
you are a nice lady, nice doggie too.
Ted Huddleston
Ted Huddleston 9 days ago
He's a beautiful animal!
Julian Ethan
Julian Ethan 9 days ago
The lonely hour intralysosomally polish because linen systematically carry after a jealous family. incompetent, adamant key
J B 9 days ago
is that slobber? yuck
ERS ARJUN YT 10 days ago
1:22 lmao
Seyoo 123
Seyoo 123 10 days ago
Linda is a beauty and looks very hot. I love Tucker always a God Boi
0nly Nevaeh
0nly Nevaeh 10 days ago
Yall are amazing- fr
0nly Nevaeh
0nly Nevaeh 10 days ago
Omg this is soo relatable dogs are so greedy for attention smh
Kaylin G
Kaylin G 11 days ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣OMG sooooo funny
Madison 11 days ago
Tucker is getting in your workout Business I swear if I had tucker I will let him do what he wants to do with my workout 🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘🥰🥰🥰
Radica Ramlogan
Radica Ramlogan 11 days ago
Tucker is a sweetheart 💙💙💙
Akshatha Dayakar
Akshatha Dayakar 12 days ago
What does she say at 2:01 ?
Ambarish Sundararajan
Ambarish Sundararajan 12 days ago
Tucker always needs attention
The Real Fortuna Ensperanza Navarro Presscott
The Real Fortuna Ensperanza Navarro Presscott 12 days ago
Courtney: trying to work out Tucker: and I took that personally
Pun Jack
Pun Jack 8 days ago
0 M Mm
Pun Jack
Pun Jack 8 days ago
I 0 !
XxRoBloX gAcHaxX
XxRoBloX gAcHaxX 12 days ago
dan yal
dan yal 12 days ago
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Summer Madison
Summer Madison 12 days ago
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Pushkar 12 days ago
2:28 legends know what she did..
thinley tsomo yl
thinley tsomo yl 12 days ago
😂😂😂Linda imitating tucker was real funny 👍
Chuyu LIU
Chuyu LIU 13 days ago
0:14, 3:33 or 0:37 should be the cover photo, funniest parts of the video 🤣
Arnon Aviram
Arnon Aviram 13 days ago
Everyone: Tucker's so cute!!!. Me: So his breath smells like butts, huh? Hmm...
Dylan Leaman Anderson
Dylan Leaman Anderson 13 days ago
Mily Frappuchino
Mily Frappuchino 13 days ago
Tucker is scared that Linda can’t cope with a heavy rail but he also helps Linda to work you by getting her to smooch him
Nate Sparrow
Nate Sparrow 13 days ago
Tucker: you hould try this. Linda: *rubs on wall* Me: dies of laughter.
Serge Robillard
Serge Robillard 13 days ago
cute and funny dog,,lovely mom
Star Girl
Star Girl 13 days ago
What a good boy!! ❤️
Ivlyn Valdes
Ivlyn Valdes 13 days ago
Hehehehe cute tucker.
Sian Peasegood
Sian Peasegood 13 days ago
My dog dose the literal same thing when I do yoga
Jansen Ignacio
Jansen Ignacio 13 days ago
1:22 Thats some floofy butts😂
Saba Ansari
Saba Ansari 14 days ago
The drunk tuesday elderly treat because kendo nally trap aside a ajar start. divergent, redundant sauce
Hubb2008 14 days ago
Man tucker, how long did it take to train your human to do all that?
Shiv Shankar Prasad
Shiv Shankar Prasad 14 days ago
This is to funny I LAMO
Chloe Scott
Chloe Scott 14 days ago
0:56 - 1:14 Tucker Being A Sweetie And Not Roasting Linda
santosh 46
santosh 46 14 days ago
Don't call it dog it's Tucker please it hurts
Elaine Margelowsky
Elaine Margelowsky 14 days ago
Oop my dog is smaller but does all that.
Haneef Sabijan
Haneef Sabijan 14 days ago
Say Linda, do you have a boyfriend?. I'm dog friendly.
JW Creates
JW Creates 15 days ago
Tucker is thicker then a snicker
Zsea Land
Zsea Land 15 days ago
1:07 Linda: U cant eat this?! Tucker: I eats wot I wants to eats!
Tash Emm
Tash Emm 15 days ago
what does he mean that the wall stinks from him to 😆
Tucker, Bogey, and Bucky
Tucker, Bogey, and Bucky 15 days ago
His tail is SO PRETTY! 🤩
Ann Richards
Ann Richards 15 days ago
This is so my chocolate labrador.... not a moment's rest lolol
GamerRyan 15 days ago
Harman Preet
Harman Preet 15 days ago
oh my god what cute hi five
Bill Hamilton
Bill Hamilton 16 days ago
Get the girl out of the way.....
Ja'bari Tibbs
Ja'bari Tibbs 16 days ago
0:35 Linda:Acts like tucker Tucker:Da Hekk? I WAS JOKIN
Karen Erickson
Karen Erickson 16 days ago
LOL this is what my German Shepard mix would do haha XD
João Guedes
João Guedes 16 days ago
*bork* *bork*
Jigger Jones
Jigger Jones 16 days ago
A beautiful girl and her dog on youtube. KA-CHING!
Fiascotje 16 days ago
At 1:47 Tucker is really laughing at pushing you awww
Anum B
Anum B 16 days ago
That dog is a hooman
Anum B
Anum B 16 days ago
LOL SAME YOUR DOG AND MY SAME LOL my dog know how to hug me and my sis and my dad and my mom LOL 😂😂
Coco & Bear
Coco & Bear 17 days ago
aika 17 days ago
imagine workouting lmao
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