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Tucker Budzyn

8 months ago

After years of many amazing memories in the house where Tucker grew up, we have finally moved into our new home. Tucker's reaction to his new house is priceless. He definitely loves the new place!
What was your favorite part?
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Summer McNeil-Jones
Summer McNeil-Jones 4 hours ago
I am movingg tommorow and i am bored out of my head
Quinterrius Bailey JR
Quinterrius Bailey JR 4 hours ago
elcz7779 8 hours ago
aww so cute :) i wish we could see tucker playing in the backyard tho
Dawson Perry
Dawson Perry 10 hours ago
I’m moving and “ it ruff”
Yaley Sheen Santos
Yaley Sheen Santos 11 hours ago
Tucker is so cute😍😍
Edel Mulligantuo
Edel Mulligantuo 14 hours ago
I love tucker how agrees with me
Erika Guest Beninati
Erika Guest Beninati 15 hours ago
Or at least I think they're laughing
Erika Guest Beninati
Erika Guest Beninati 15 hours ago
Well I think they are happy again I think they like her new home yeah they're laughing
Macsen Ashton
Macsen Ashton 17 hours ago
Cool new house
legit slayer
legit slayer 23 hours ago
How rich are u!?
DemonFriend Day ago
One for each butcheek 😂😂
The runaway girls Joke
The runaway girls Joke Day ago
Ngl but when she edits him talking I actually think he’s talking 😅
Raquel Young
Raquel Young Day ago
Tucker grew so fast😢
Beatboxing John Gaming
Beatboxing John Gaming Day ago
0:20 “one for each buttcheek?”
AXEL and CHIEF Day ago
The besttt dog on earth
Makenna Tanner
Makenna Tanner Day ago
Jason Boggs
Jason Boggs Day ago
yvr Day ago
i actually think that this dog probably understands 90% or maybe even all of what they’re saying, i never had a dog but I think that’s actually really cool and impressive that he’s so well versed to that extent, but then again i guess he’s been around/talked to with human communication so it’s only natural he starts to understand words
Scott Kinslow
Scott Kinslow 2 days ago
So cute
Aya Davis
Aya Davis 2 days ago
Remember the party that Tucker day he said Showtime and then he invited the ladies
Aya Davis
Aya Davis 2 days ago
And I wish Tucker was real
kath williams
kath williams 2 days ago
Tucker cute and I love the house
Kayla Currid
Kayla Currid 2 days ago
Ur dog is sooo cute!!!!! I like ur house!
De Falco
De Falco 3 days ago
Little spy ninja
Little spy ninja 3 days ago
Vanessa Goddard
Vanessa Goddard 3 days ago
Awwww I love tuker so much that I wish I have him
Macey Smith
Macey Smith 3 days ago
It fills fun to move in a new home have fun all of you love your episodes
crystalfox 3 days ago
really great new home tucker Enjoy your new home
Gordon Austin
Gordon Austin 3 days ago
The long-term drake behaviorally flow because crocodile electronmicroscopically mourn unlike a fixed jail. poor, wealthy tadpole
Odel king
Odel king 3 days ago
Linda poops here Hahaha
Amani Ibrahim
Amani Ibrahim 3 days ago
Tucker looks funny when he name stuff
Sophie Fisher
Sophie Fisher 3 days ago
Tucker: T=tough to handle. U=unstoppable. C=creative. K=kind. E=energetic. and last but not least: R= really funny!!
Fatima Shahid Rao
Fatima Shahid Rao 3 days ago
sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute
PBL Sports
PBL Sports 3 days ago
Tucker is so smart!
Ian Mintz
Ian Mintz 3 days ago
Tucker, you rocks!
mats van Leeuwen
mats van Leeuwen 3 days ago
Kyle Borromeo
Kyle Borromeo 3 days ago
Tucker You Are BIG Than Me Huh?
vipul.k. Pathak
vipul.k. Pathak 3 days ago
best thing on youtube like ever...Tucker Budz
Ramya Ragunathan
Ramya Ragunathan 4 days ago
He is the best
donna pham
donna pham 4 days ago
Tucker. You have a happy life, your beautiful owner takes really good care of you . I am so happy for you. Thank you.....
Tanisha Yawalkar
Tanisha Yawalkar 4 days ago
Tucker is so cute
Sangita Nigam
Sangita Nigam 4 days ago
5:25 killed me laughing 😂😂
Zion Lee
Zion Lee 4 days ago
I use this channel to learn English.
Sean Reynier Cardenas
Sean Reynier Cardenas 4 days ago
CDL Sports
CDL Sports 4 days ago
He is trained so well he can do a high five when asked
Giuseppes world
Giuseppes world 4 days ago
So cute
Elijah E
Elijah E 4 days ago
hi tuker
Sokha Mao
Sokha Mao 4 days ago
Shikha Singh
Shikha Singh 4 days ago
is linda annoying like alot LOT
Saad Iqbal
Saad Iqbal 4 days ago
Mÿštîčäł Wölfîë
Mÿštîčäł Wölfîë 4 days ago
Kobe Gabriel P. Gabarda
Kobe Gabriel P. Gabarda 4 days ago
Awwwwwwwww so cute
AD’S FUN 5 days ago
Tucker literally understands everything
Asha & Raya
Asha & Raya 5 days ago
Asha & Raya
Asha & Raya 5 days ago
Question For for Tucker: Do you like your new house
Leanne Pham
Leanne Pham 5 days ago
Elena Nadour
Elena Nadour 5 days ago
Ruby Ann
Ruby Ann 5 days ago
We love you tucker ☺️
Oakley And more
Oakley And more 5 days ago
Sooooooo cutttttteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee☺️
ALLISON FORD 5 days ago
Don't worry, I did SUBSCROOB
Brigid's Life
Brigid's Life 5 days ago
U guys must of had so many memories at the old house
JustGAGE 5 days ago
Tucker is sooooo cute
Taylor Mullins
Taylor Mullins 5 days ago
This dog knows English and how to swim he’s been to a whole entire pool literally I’m not joking 🙃
Taylor Mullins
Taylor Mullins 5 days ago
chris moreno
chris moreno 5 days ago
Awwwww i like the dog bruks
Charles Ethan Gaboy
Charles Ethan Gaboy 5 days ago
I like the vid when tucker react a cockroach
Charles Ethan Gaboy
Charles Ethan Gaboy 5 days ago
Woah the dog seems to understand the caretacker of the dog cool and funny
xx_GachaTiger_ Gamergirl_xx
xx_GachaTiger_ Gamergirl_xx 5 days ago
I love Tucker!!!!😘😍🥰
lover life
lover life 6 days ago
Awwwwwwwww :)
Catrin Davies
Catrin Davies 6 days ago
Tucker is the funniest dog in existence
DiamondHeadAus 6 days ago
Justin Pe
Justin Pe 6 days ago
Go to think that Tucker can actually talk 🐶
Grizzly 6 days ago
My typing bad :(
Grizzly 6 days ago
I likes shared and COMENTed
Grizzly 6 days ago
I luv ur vids
Grizzly 6 days ago
I Ike’s shared and commented three times !
Grizzly 6 days ago
Mite sound weird but I used to be 125 pounds and I’m ten but watching this distracted me and now I’m no eat so now I’m 84 pounds so Linda ur vids helped me a lot!
PoliceDude Playz
PoliceDude Playz 6 days ago
Linda:why u gotta be so close Tucker:becuz I luv u Linda: ur too close Tucker: no such fing
Ham burger
Ham burger 6 days ago
Best. Cutest dog ever
spence1604 6 days ago
I wuffv u tuck tuck
nikki 6 days ago
Wow I did not know that Tucker could talk 🤔😃😮🙀
Michael BENZID
Michael BENZID 6 days ago
I love tucker
T POSE PLEASE 6 days ago
maizie jae
maizie jae 6 days ago
so cute
Poppy Reeve
Poppy Reeve 6 days ago
The world would all love this tucker
Shader 7 days ago
When a dog earns more money than you from just being a foo-foo-cuddlypoops:
Maruhum Sianturi
Maruhum Sianturi 7 days ago
Tucker plsss can you visit to my house plss plss plss plss i have a dog to you can play with her she"s a girl and her name is Pepo plsss can you visit i know it"s a longgg trip to INDONESIA put plss you can ride a plain,ship and a car plsss
Lydia Magee
Lydia Magee 7 days ago
Linda:are you sad? Tucker:no me happy Me:that's good Tucker if I could I would go for you chimckin!
RB Bros
RB Bros 7 days ago
That bear toy with stitches my dog has same one
Lujza Kiss
Lujza Kiss 8 days ago
Tucker is sosososo loveli DOG i have a golden letrive and his a girl his name is Kira.I think Kira loves Tucjer.
Kylie Vest
Kylie Vest 8 days ago
I love your dog 🐕
Mona Hossain
Mona Hossain 8 days ago
Daisy 8 days ago
Tucker is just like a human he very very smart and pawsome,he always makes me laugh and smile 🙂
hermoso Alexa
hermoso Alexa 8 days ago
I am so excited to see Tucker
gracy williams
gracy williams 8 days ago
He literally winked in the end omg😂😂😂😍😍😍
Tina Sawlani
Tina Sawlani 8 days ago
Ishika Sharma
Ishika Sharma 8 days ago
Xxroblox darknes xX
Xxroblox darknes xX 8 days ago
My fav part Was when he said "Becuz i love you🥺
Gurbani Kaur
Gurbani Kaur 9 days ago
Who is Pearl
Ash Err
Ash Err 9 days ago
how is it tucker huh
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