My Dog Learns How to Grill a Steak

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Tucker Budzyn

9 months ago

My Dog Learns How to Grill a Steak
Tucker has been begging for steak nonstop. Today he learns how to grill it for himself so he can stop begging me.
What was your favorite part?
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Kian Manuel Uy
Kian Manuel Uy 3 hours ago
Tucker was eating the phone 😂🤣
Liva Overholt krogh
Liva Overholt krogh 19 hours ago
Harmany Smith
Harmany Smith 2 days ago
He likes it
Gordon Austin
Gordon Austin 4 days ago
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Ana’s Dolls Fashion, Fun, Toys & Baby Shark the Cat
Ana’s Dolls Fashion, Fun, Toys & Baby Shark the Cat 5 days ago
That is so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Khurram Saeed
Khurram Saeed 6 days ago
Tucker likes steak evrytime
Mo0nlxte 8 days ago
Ifun 9 days ago
Deepthi Wickremasinghe
Deepthi Wickremasinghe 10 days ago
Love you
QueenNy_lovie Brookie
QueenNy_lovie Brookie 11 days ago
That’s 😂funny he licked the phone 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣
Renjith R
Renjith R 12 days ago
Dipped in booter💋💋
Daoptz 12 days ago
Oh my that hahahahaha
daimarin Rodriguez
daimarin Rodriguez 13 days ago
Jaelynn Hi I love Tucker and you guys are kind of funny check in with you did you guys
d0ugh2k 14 days ago
Erin DuPont
Erin DuPont 14 days ago
Tucker be like) perfect
Raquel Dolores_
Raquel Dolores_ 18 days ago
Danielle Middelink/tolsma
Danielle Middelink/tolsma 18 days ago
L dit it to but dont try it et home gus mijn dog is on vijer
Migbear 18 days ago
0:41 lol he eats the phone
Coolkat357 K
Coolkat357 K 20 days ago
Haha he thinks it’s a real one this is funny
Leah’s World
Leah’s World 23 days ago
I love the end where he started licking the camera
Simya Johnson
Simya Johnson 24 days ago
Lol the dog was drilling 😂😂😂😂😂the end is SOOOO cute!!😍
Arya Sunilkumar
Arya Sunilkumar 24 days ago
His face😂chooo cuteeeee😘😘😘😘
GamingWithFluffy 25 days ago
Me: licking my lips right after I ate French fries because of this video xD
Ronald Quinn
Ronald Quinn 26 days ago
😄❤❤love ya
Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051
Lionel Christian Wijaya 1205051 26 days ago
Plot twist: its dog meat
Rostar gaming
Rostar gaming 26 days ago
We love tucker
Carolyn Sheble
Carolyn Sheble 26 days ago
This is how many steks tucker deserves | | V
Jim Loriz
Jim Loriz 27 days ago
So cute
Dawn Johnson
Dawn Johnson 27 days ago
Is it me or does this dog look unhappy?
princess E Baltazar
princess E Baltazar 27 days ago
Lyrah Jane Barut
Lyrah Jane Barut 27 days ago
His face is cute 😊😍😘😚
SNIPERLORD 29 days ago
ବରଯ ଟରକଗ
ବରଯ ଟରକଗ Month ago
"My Dog Learns How To Grill a Steak" Me: YOUR ALREADY A DOG
lizardguy 1000
lizardguy 1000 Month ago
my vav part was when he was like "dat's it come to puppa" eats phone
Robuk Fans
Robuk Fans Month ago
0:39 poor dog
C xbxbxb Bxhxbxbx
C xbxbxb Bxhxbxbx Month ago
The way he dribbled the hole way
Nishinoya Yu
Nishinoya Yu Month ago
I'm soaking drenched in Tucker's drool ...😂😂 My Dogness !!! 😂
Joaly Camacho
Joaly Camacho Month ago
I thought he WAS going to make it 😂
Yoshi 102
Yoshi 102 Month ago
eavesdrop 1972
eavesdrop 1972 Month ago
Tucker: watching steak get made:COME TO PAPA
ItzKarma light
ItzKarma light Month ago
His face AWWWW
Adwit Agarwal
Adwit Agarwal Month ago
Courtney cook good Hope she can cook this steak for you tucket😂
Godzilla 2021 gaming
Godzilla 2021 gaming Month ago
Why did you accidentally try to eat. The The phone
Slothsie 2008
Slothsie 2008 Month ago
That was so so so funny
WillowIsAfk GamingVlogsFun
WillowIsAfk GamingVlogsFun Month ago
When he looks down he’s so adorable! ❤️🥺 *But he always adorable*
Prapti Das
Prapti Das Month ago
This is me at 3 am
Sofie Mundy
Sofie Mundy Month ago
Elia Hernandez
Elia Hernandez Month ago
his face is SO CHUBBY
preethi palleti
preethi palleti Month ago
It is soooooo cute
preethi palleti
preethi palleti Month ago
I want
Rina Sari Wijaya
Rina Sari Wijaya Month ago
🤣 🤣 🤣
Olivia Loves Dogs
Olivia Loves Dogs Month ago
I love the rinckles! ❤️
Everything Sports
Everything Sports Month ago
Steak looks so good but in my opinion taste so bad Tucker: HEY IT TASTE GOOD TO
Ella Guo
Ella Guo Month ago
When you think Tucker is actually going to grill a steak: Yum!
Samantha Koellhoffer
Samantha Koellhoffer Month ago
Tucker is a adorable and beautiful/Handsome dog 🐕
Adrian Ragoo
Adrian Ragoo Month ago
Is it me or does anyone else wanna smoosh that cute face of his
Nothing But Fun
Nothing But Fun Month ago
Barry Mantz
Barry Mantz Month ago
Drooling is not a good thing for a dog! It was learned when it got food and when denied, the dog is not happy! Drooling dogs never know when they are fed! Or are over fed with treats. Dogs should learn when they eat at certain times! Giving treats should be on non particular events. When they do not know what time they are given any treat! Drooling dogs are sad! They expect food or treats and it's not funny! Learn to read Pavlov. Pavlov is widely known for first describing classical conditioning. In simple words, how to make a dog drool! And no, it's not funny! It's sad to the dog!
No Label
No Label Month ago
Halp! I need somebody! Halp! I need somebody Halp!
Ehan Baluch
Ehan Baluch Month ago
i thought tucker was making the stake
Candelaria Cugal
Candelaria Cugal Month ago
You made my day happy tucker 😀😀😀
Aylie Aylie
Aylie Aylie Month ago
Hahaha can not patient want to eat now
Le Le
Le Le Month ago
0:45 hahahaha the end 😂
Annie Banany
Annie Banany Month ago
All the dislikes are people who don’t know how to cook a steak 🥩
Animaux Nature Relaxation
Animaux Nature Relaxation Month ago
hello come on my channel I have beautiful animal video
k vignesh
k vignesh 2 months ago
oh man the last part was the best one "that's it come to Puppa" tucker is soo funny
Robloxian Ben0
Robloxian Ben0 2 months ago
Sorry I’m late on your video tucker also I’m a really big fan and I’ve been watching your vids 24/7 keep it up
ANDY ANDRES 2 months ago
13k Memory’s
13k Memory’s 2 months ago
Tucker makes my day
Jessica icon
Jessica icon 2 months ago
That's so funny
the cool girl
the cool girl 2 months ago
Aww this is so cute
Rob-lox Brookhaven RP
Rob-lox Brookhaven RP 2 months ago
Your face is so cute. Hey why don’t you share that with me ?please 😂
Althea & Niña
Althea & Niña 2 months ago
your so cute tucker
mohan krishna
mohan krishna 2 months ago
His hungry by seeing that video 😂😂😂😂 I love his face his like cuti pie actually more than cats I love dogs 🤗🤗🙃🙂😍☺😘😚😙😗😭😂😆😁😄😆😆😃😀☺😊😉😛😜❤💛💚💙💜. Dogs are man's best friend ❤️
Camille Kolditz
Camille Kolditz 2 months ago
I love it wen tucker looks down
Tea Teić
Tea Teić 2 months ago
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH he wanted to aet your phone hes crazy pfttttHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH
solar 2 months ago
The face is me when I wake up
Lyam Bee
Lyam Bee 2 months ago
Someone:this channel sucks Everyone:do you know what hell you have brought on your self? The really bad one
chris wilson
chris wilson 2 months ago
Chloe Warford
Chloe Warford 2 months ago
Omg tucker you make me laugh so loud omg I love your vids
MixTeeNeens 2 months ago
Tucker licks the phone anaa in that place he is so cute I love you tucker budzyn
KODA BEAR the Samoyed
KODA BEAR the Samoyed 2 months ago
Cute! Visit my page if you love doggy adventures!
Bloomerang 2 months ago
I sub to you
Francisca Mendoza
Francisca Mendoza 2 months ago
I laughed when his face went on the screen
Carol Go
Carol Go 2 months ago
Tuker is so cute💙❤💚💛💜
Aseel Aadossery
Aseel Aadossery 2 months ago
His face is so cute and chubby ( when , who , how and whyyyyyy ) He was actually drooling 🤣🥰🤣🥰🤣🥰🤣🤣🤣🥰
Doodle McFoodale
Doodle McFoodale 2 months ago
I can’t..l he’s to sassy that’s my dog!
Ruby Dooby
Ruby Dooby 2 months ago
Ruby Dooby
Ruby Dooby 2 months ago
He is so cute and funny he makes me laugh so hard
SMGaming1M 2 months ago
At the end tucker tries to eat the stake out of the screen Lol 😆 🤣 😂
SMGaming1M 2 months ago
That face though I love Tucker
Katya H.
Katya H. 2 months ago
0:12 *LOL* so adorable and floofy
East Station
East Station 2 months ago
He dribbled on the camera😂
Angelina Chen
Angelina Chen 2 months ago
i swear- i actually FRIKIN drooled on my laptop while watching i cri-
Riya riy
Riya riy 2 months ago
I love his face when he looks into the phone 📱
Jade Yang
Jade Yang 2 months ago
Tuck deserves all the steak in the world
Olivia Szymichowska
Olivia Szymichowska 2 months ago
I liked his face and at the end he tried to eat it through the phone
Rolie Stpierre
Rolie Stpierre 2 months ago
Tucker loves the stack so much that he drule and he even thought that was real so he ate the phone
banglal tiger
banglal tiger 2 months ago
Alicia Rizo
Alicia Rizo 2 months ago
Hi tuck I just want to say your videos are so awesome and I love you bay😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Wolfie I luv animals
Wolfie I luv animals 2 months ago
I just love how he try’s to eat it at the end lol luv u tucker 😂
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