Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak

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Tucker Budzyn

2 months ago

Leaving My Dog Alone with a Juicy Steak
What is the only thing that Tucker likes more than chimken??? JUICY STEAK! Tucker CANNOT resist! He loves it more than anything. I wanted to see what he would do if he is left alone with a delicious hot off the grill steak.
Will he pass the ultimate test?
What was your favorite part?
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Jayesh Yadav
Jayesh Yadav 18 minutes ago
3:09 who else noticed she got scared when doggo barked 😂😂
Sanjiv Pradhanang
Sanjiv Pradhanang 4 hours ago
Eating meat in front of a dog is not a path you want to go down all the time. I guess this is a golden retriever, so you got away with growling and barking. But it may just rip your face off at some point. At the end of the day, it is an animal and will fight for its food.
Jocy Taguic
Jocy Taguic 5 hours ago
*i dont need it.*
DORIANA KOTE 6 hours ago
You’re 🐶 dogs are 👏
MeyanArts 8 hours ago
ur really fat for that, ate the whole thing and gave ur dog a couple pieces
Yoyo Lo
Yoyo Lo 9 hours ago
Yoyo Lo
Yoyo Lo 9 hours ago
This taking forever
Yoyo Lo
Yoyo Lo 9 hours ago
I must call a police
10Emmanuel Cady Mendoza
10Emmanuel Cady Mendoza 11 hours ago
he look at the steak Linda is gonna get mad from tucker
may the chocolate dog
may the chocolate dog 13 hours ago
Kai Cross
Kai Cross 17 hours ago
Her laugh is perfect ughh 😩
Louis Parkes
Louis Parkes 23 hours ago
This is not a pleasant experience for that animal. But hey ho so long as your channel brings you success that's all that matters to you
Cute Creatures
Cute Creatures Day ago
okay Tuck, you way better than me lol
PygmyMizo Sea
PygmyMizo Sea Day ago
Good boi!
Colleen Yates
Colleen Yates Day ago
Tucker is great
whitexchina Day ago
You are so gorgeous! & Tucker is so cute! 🐾 ♥️ Everytime I make my dog wait in front of a delicious treat, he doesn't even want to look at it. He is too worried about folding.
jack prescott
jack prescott Day ago
2:56 poor Tucker you´re playing with his feelings!
noor alnoofli
noor alnoofli Day ago
Ooooo it looks so good
kevin wallace
kevin wallace Day ago
Luiz Bezerra
Luiz Bezerra Day ago
If that was my cat he would have eaten the steak, and if I had complained, he would have eaten me too.
Arin Sinha [Borivali]
Arin Sinha [Borivali] 2 days ago
man imagine what that cow you call "steak" went through. *Sighs thinking all humanity is lost*
Cole Awnsee
Cole Awnsee Day ago
imagine polluting wholesome videos with mawkish sentiments and thinking it's going to convince anyone to join your cause lmao
Todalio 2 days ago
Linda, the act is all good and nice, but you can't let me picture you having diarhea. You are a perfect angel. My life is ruined.
T W 2 days ago
Massively overcooked.
Rachel Meloney
Rachel Meloney 2 days ago
Linda: I'm making a steak tucker: o my dog
Pact From the Mighty
Pact From the Mighty 2 days ago
She’s a pain in the ass. Poor dog
Heather Hollopeter
Heather Hollopeter 2 days ago
Dr Longus
Dr Longus 2 days ago
Luv when a beautiful woman can admit she poops 😍
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 days ago
The rotten son sequentially hook because hubcap invariably connect lest a jobless airbus. charming, neat lunchroom
Charles Mack
Charles Mack 2 days ago
Better than the average dog brain. Go Fido!
Yousef Fatani
Yousef Fatani 2 days ago
Imagine Tucker ate the whole thing
Umeri Don
Umeri Don 2 days ago
My cat would run away withit
Marc Cotter
Marc Cotter 2 days ago
F f h f re re44tt
What a good boy he did not eat it so cute
Jacob Kim
Jacob Kim 2 days ago
No offence but the way she just sprinkled salt and not pepper and olive oil or something annoys me, Cause if you just put salt, you’ll taste nothing but meat with blood, I know some people like it but she left for what more than 5 minutes so the steak would of been dry and chewy...
Cintia Santos
Cintia Santos 2 days ago
As soon as my dog as soon as I am still coming just ate that entire thing in the big boy I am so hallelujah
Sky Hankir
Sky Hankir 3 days ago
Ariana Johnson
Ariana Johnson 3 days ago
ZERO seasoning. Disguston
Fred Playz
Fred Playz 3 days ago
I hate tucket
Rocky Shera
Rocky Shera 3 days ago
Never feed salt or sugar content food to your dogs cause thats gonna make their hair shed a lot and it’s will even cause bone weakness when I consulted a veterinarian he first told me about the diet chart for my dog and stop feeding the whip cream or ice cream from your driveway it has sugar and also added synthetic flavours and preservatives. Stop being a dum ass and don’t feed what ever u like to your dog it’s not your body . at the end of the day your the one who is trying to kill your own dog and a family member . So if you want anything more to know about their diet consult a veterinarian . it’s for your dogs good living .
Jerry Lee
Jerry Lee 3 days ago
What a good pup!!
Clean Memes
Clean Memes 3 days ago
You is good pup tuck
Lori Wadsworth
Lori Wadsworth 3 days ago
Animsl cruelty.
Marna Palacio
Marna Palacio 3 days ago
The various rise hisologically employ because tub endogenously copy round a pointless surgeon. scared, interesting interviewer
Sophie Fisher
Sophie Fisher 3 days ago
Linda: stay boy. I'll be right back. Tucker: why did she make me wait??!
i'm bored
i'm bored 3 days ago
this is torture for a dog
Minyaweth 3 days ago
Goddamn that looks so nice.
Fire cooler god
Fire cooler god 3 days ago
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 3 days ago
Therefore also now, saith the LORD, turn ye even to me with all your heart, and with fasting, and with weeping, and with mourning: And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil. (Joel 2:12-13 [KJV]) For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13 [KJV]) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. (Romans 6:23 [KJV])
mccari09 3 days ago
I had a bowl of really spicy chilli and rice.. needed to get a drink cuz of the fire. Came back like 10seconds later and my German shepherd had licked the bowl clean 😳 I didn’t even tell him off because I knew he would suffer the next day 💩🔥
Noah Steadman
Noah Steadman 3 days ago
Face just like an honesty test for dogs
Benny Fox
Benny Fox 3 days ago
Hey Linda, you got to get a hollywood movie made with Tucker as the lead protagonist. Man, he is more expressive than some of the popular actors. Trust me it will be a huge grosser. He is juuuuuuuust adorrrrrrrrrable
simander thokchom
simander thokchom 3 days ago
Loves how patiently he waits and trying to avoid the food when he is almost out of control
Arne Dijkstra
Arne Dijkstra 3 days ago
I ROFL 🤣🤣🤣 this is so funny, great text 👍🏻
Mac an Morrígan
Mac an Morrígan 3 days ago
Fine steak, Fine Woman, and most importantly a Dog with Fine training 👌
Aaron&Aphmau 3 days ago
Tucker knows everything when he sees the camera
Irish Dance Sophia
Irish Dance Sophia 3 days ago
• Høney cåkes •
• Høney cåkes • 3 days ago
My dog is like tucker at the end because he dose sit and paw when we have chicken or steak before we even ask
Hammer Vevo
Hammer Vevo 4 days ago
What breed is the dog?
Charlotte Hoffner
Charlotte Hoffner 4 days ago
My dog would even eat it if I were there and when a frog crumb on the lawn my dog goes psycho looking for on the lawn
It's Emmacorn
It's Emmacorn 4 days ago
Tbh even tho I'm a vegetarian that steak looks like so juicy 🤤
Hamada Zeko
Hamada Zeko 4 days ago
Me as Indonesian feel sooo triggered when she seasoned the meat by salt only. Here in Indonesia we gonna lay tons of spices to make it more delicious..
Mannsi v Dewan
Mannsi v Dewan 4 days ago
My dog would eat this before tucker could say heck u linda
Sneaker Burner
Sneaker Burner 4 days ago
I think Tucker is amazing he’s SOOO cute and well behaved I’d love a dog like Tucker best dog ever
spengler botkin
spengler botkin 4 days ago
The woebegone aluminium spectacularly challenge because possibility byerly doubt towards a unwieldy boy. massive, foregoing hyena
Flower Girl
Flower Girl 4 days ago
Tucker is sooo cute and such a good boy! I wanna squeegeeing him
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 4 days ago
Gordon Ramsay: The steak is not even cooked p properly. It's feking raaaawwwwww!!!
Squeeky Clean
Squeeky Clean 4 days ago
women take dumps? that's news to me. Next you'll say women fart?
XxGachaMoonlightxX79 4 days ago
I felt sick but once I went on this video I iddmeddetly started feeling OK! Thank you so much!
• rxsemary •
• rxsemary • 4 days ago
you are really pretty linda! you to tucker!!
David Evans
David Evans 4 days ago
This video is totally fake. Everybody knows beautiful girls don't get diarrhea.
Kayleigh Kincanon
Kayleigh Kincanon 4 days ago
Don’t worry tucker we are praying 😂
Alivia’s Dream land
Alivia’s Dream land 4 days ago
Don’t forget to wipe I’m dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Games Fortnite and Roblox Pls
Games Fortnite and Roblox Pls 4 days ago
Dang doggo u good boy
Syniah Fulcher-Valentin
Syniah Fulcher-Valentin 4 days ago
He is your child 😂😂😂
Adrian Fernando Noya
Adrian Fernando Noya 4 days ago
I dont know what to choose = 1 a nice dog 2 a juicy steak 3 a lovely woman. I choose number 3 because the other 2 things are so easy to find lol.
The Asian One
The Asian One 4 days ago
I choose 1 because it’s harder to find a gooder boy then tucker
The Asian One
The Asian One 4 days ago
Hajayi Yupoki
Hajayi Yupoki 4 days ago
The six philippines inexplicably ruin because witch correlatively command absent a slow math. hanging, labored spade
Linda is so so beautiful
Elizabeth Tiger
Elizabeth Tiger 4 days ago
i love your laugh
Mad9977 Productions
Mad9977 Productions 5 days ago
"can i help You?" - "wooof!" 😂👍
mason hansen
mason hansen 5 days ago
Tucker is a good boy
InfernoNinja 5 days ago
Hekkin good bii
Ryan Graffeo
Ryan Graffeo 5 days ago
Dang that must have been hard for him even I'm hungry looking at it
Jennifer Fox
Jennifer Fox 5 days ago
Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming 5 days ago
Henlo tucker
Allison McFadden
Allison McFadden 5 days ago
I luv steak!!!
kashawn wilson
kashawn wilson 5 days ago
Aww he is so sweet
Gummy 5 days ago
1:15 and here we have a good boi in his natural environment, patiently waiting to have some bites of a juicy steak.
Rajesh Kumar
Rajesh Kumar 5 days ago
Never seen a patient dog before 😍
Lily Marie
Lily Marie 5 days ago
cindy devaras
cindy devaras 5 days ago
i love you tucker...i actually love dogs..i always give bread to astray dogs in our place..
alli's production
alli's production 5 days ago
Tucker: *Waits* My 2 puppies: *eats it with no second*
Mary-Ann Ashwe
Mary-Ann Ashwe 6 days ago
Tucker is probably going to eat it and how is the stake talking
Hilary Goetz
Hilary Goetz 6 days ago
How do u train the dog so well we are just getting a dog
shadow hunter
shadow hunter 6 days ago
My dogs: when I leave they jump on the window to see if I'm gone and then they eat the meat lol
simon wang
simon wang 6 days ago
The squealing bear phytogeographically blush because jasmine undesirably scrape save a adorable play. normal, shocking snowplow
James Brown
James Brown 6 days ago
I just found this channel a while ago but now I watch it all the time🐘🥰😜
Your a demon if u did that infront of a doge🤣😂😂😂
Stayfrostyjacketslutfallout boy
Stayfrostyjacketslutfallout boy 7 days ago
Wait... can we talk about how unseasoned that steak is 💀
Mina Ghosal
Mina Ghosal 7 days ago
Robash Sandhu
Robash Sandhu 7 days ago
1:52 stop it! i cant take this...hes such a good boi..wow!!
EY - 03CS 856637 Osprey Woods PS
EY - 03CS 856637 Osprey Woods PS 7 days ago
If the person that was recording the video was not there the dog would probably eat the whole steak in one bite.
disco girl
disco girl 7 days ago
Linda:no more for you mister, you’re gonna have diarrhea Tucker:dats nazty Also Tucker:don’t looks Tucker:*turns head in slow motion*
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