My Dog Has a Puppy Sleepover | Part 2

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Tucker Budzyn

6 months ago

My Dog Has a Puppy Sleepover | Part 2
Part 2 is here with more Tucker and Pearl shenanigans. They played their little hearts out and Tucker was exhausted, only to be surprised by his wife Journee!!!
What was your favorite part?
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Leila Basta
Leila Basta Hour ago
They love to play 😊
J. Fielden
J. Fielden 10 hours ago
I love Tucker’s chest floof
Red Wolf
Red Wolf 11 hours ago
I m going to miss pearl
Neera Singh
Neera Singh 16 hours ago
i lub you Tucker!!!
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo 16 hours ago
And I like big dogs and little dogs
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo 16 hours ago
I. Hate little dogs
Marc | ISWKi
Marc | ISWKi 17 hours ago
what is the name of the song in the ending
tarajrjones 20 hours ago
I wish I had a puppy like that
Neelam Rai
Neelam Rai 20 hours ago
Bye pearl see ya soon
Karl Cedric Ocampo
Karl Cedric Ocampo 23 hours ago
Yertunts Galbadrakh
Yertunts Galbadrakh Day ago
I also saw Part 2 of this
Yertunts Galbadrakh
Yertunts Galbadrakh 13 hours ago
I mean Part 1
Shop Lan
Shop Lan Day ago
Shop Lan
Shop Lan Day ago
Shop Lan
Shop Lan Day ago
Samantha Wilson
Samantha Wilson Day ago
Grace Chueh
Grace Chueh Day ago
So sad pear is going home
Scottie Kilgore
Scottie Kilgore Day ago
Iggy Wario
Iggy Wario Day ago
4:54 Tucker realized that he doesn't want to be a father i guess lol
Iggy Wario
Iggy Wario Day ago
2:32 at this moment, Pearl knew she fricked up
Reagan Schings
Reagan Schings Day ago
What type of dog is Pearl? She’s cute🥰.
spelayo4 Day ago
Pearl is so cute🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍❤❤❤❤💌💋
Ioanna Lazarou
Ioanna Lazarou Day ago
i think you must adopt Pearl
CytrynaX Day ago
1:58 Is the cutest thing ive ever seen in my life before
Martin Backhouse
Martin Backhouse 2 days ago
pear 🍐
Martin Backhouse
Martin Backhouse 2 days ago
20210 911
bengal1001 2 days ago
Why puppyleave?
Nate Bayley
Nate Bayley 2 days ago
It wasn't smart to have pearl there when journey came over because Tucker wasn't going to hold back at all for pearl
Zoey lester
Zoey lester 2 days ago
So sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Zoey lester
Zoey lester 2 days ago
I'm crying right know:(
sunnypeaceheartomg 2 days ago
A lot of u are saying tucker budzyn died it says it on google but there talking about another dog
sunnypeaceheartomg 2 days ago
Duh because is tuckers owner named what it says on google? No. His owners name is linda
Khloe Baker
Khloe Baker 2 days ago
Hi everyone
Khloe Baker
Khloe Baker 2 days ago
Hi everyone say something
Robert Richardson
Robert Richardson 2 days ago
The guarded pickle sadly play because banana coronally dress outside a chemical skirt. flippant, secretive peony
Azra Saday
Azra Saday 2 days ago
What type of tucker. Labrador?
Franklin Clinton
Franklin Clinton 2 days ago
Can, anyone tell me what breed tucker is?
Nena R.
Nena R. 2 days ago
I like how the toy is an expensive dog collar ,and there just ripping it up.
Noa Knows
Noa Knows 2 days ago
Nooooo don’t leave me !
Lucy Spinella-Martin
Lucy Spinella-Martin 2 days ago
i love ❤️ ur vids
Gorilla Gaming
Gorilla Gaming 2 days ago
I want tucker
Macey Smith
Macey Smith 3 days ago
Tucker want to let Perl in the TRASH 🗑 omg how rude 😱😡😂but I still love tucker 🦴
Judy Barnes
Judy Barnes 3 days ago
wow you're spending so much time with somebody else's login and your dog and I ever helping your dog out with the bow situation now your dogs are alone you don't ever care about your dog are you going to help your dog out or we can have to not subscribe to your channel like down yes what the f***
Alayjah Bright
Alayjah Bright 3 days ago
fpshimanshu yadav
fpshimanshu yadav 3 days ago
This is why internet was made❤️
FloofyGaming 3 days ago
Fun Fact: tucker and pearl edited what they said
Tammy Greenwell
Tammy Greenwell 3 days ago
Tukers the best dog in the world
Tammy Greenwell
Tammy Greenwell 3 days ago
Omg i love tuker he looks so soft
Jennifer Drury
Jennifer Drury 3 days ago
Aww...Pearl had to leave...
Dyuthi Rajesh
Dyuthi Rajesh 3 days ago
The funniest dog is pearl
wendy schutze
wendy schutze 3 days ago
Amaya lewis
Amaya lewis 3 days ago
Pearl is so annoying tucker is so chubby and cute
Bella Tv
Bella Tv 3 days ago
don't you ever think that there's to many dogs or you guys have to many dogs?
Just An Fnf fan
Just An Fnf fan 3 days ago
tucker: trying to hump journee the entire time she was there
mia crothers
mia crothers 3 days ago
Hi :>
Sander och sixten brosorna 2021
Sander och sixten brosorna 2021 3 days ago
Yes fren but not god puppy frend
Bersais Manning
Bersais Manning 4 days ago
Manjunath K
Manjunath K 4 days ago
give Tuker bowtie back
XxSummer_VibezzxX Only
XxSummer_VibezzxX Only 4 days ago
kynova 4 days ago
Thats the one who finally make my day Laughy as sucks !
TEAM Bionic
TEAM Bionic 4 days ago
Naomi Bryan
Naomi Bryan 5 days ago
What breed is Pearl? Xx
ItsDexus 5 days ago
Flieca Trivette
Flieca Trivette 5 days ago
7:36 legit I am crying :(
Violet Omg
Violet Omg 5 days ago
I LOVE your vids but remember if you shout to tucker he actualy doesnt know what you mean🤣
Pleo Games
Pleo Games 5 days ago
WolfGamerPlaysYT 5 days ago
This has made my day :)
Galaxy Giraffe
Galaxy Giraffe 5 days ago
He’s exdogsted
Maddie Silarek
Maddie Silarek 5 days ago
Oh hekk you not playin
T Y 5 days ago
This is how me and my siblings fight
lps chicken nuggies
lps chicken nuggies 6 days ago
Tucker and pearl r fluffy like a cute DOG thats eating chimken
Doungchai Kaewbootta
Doungchai Kaewbootta 6 days ago
pearl is rude I like tucker and journey
Asaf Arevalo
Asaf Arevalo 6 days ago
i love dogs i wish i had a dog i ust to i love your vids
Fayrooz Elbatreek
Fayrooz Elbatreek 6 days ago
crabby mc gee
whitney flood
whitney flood 6 days ago
Cute little puppy
Rachel Lukas
Rachel Lukas 6 days ago
Evelyn Hitchens
Evelyn Hitchens 6 days ago
I just want to pet both of them their so cute💕❤💝💖💗
Olivia Dombrosky
Olivia Dombrosky 6 days ago
Journee is lighter than tucker
Natalie Hoepf
Natalie Hoepf 6 days ago
I was crying when you took Perel home
Jamie Bennett
Jamie Bennett 6 days ago
Pearl is so cute
Antonio Singson
Antonio Singson 6 days ago
Little shiits. They should be left in the junkyard on their own..
Angelruf DoggyInu
Angelruf DoggyInu 6 days ago
Pearl is so rude to Tucker!!! 😤
Cute Cat
Cute Cat 7 days ago
I nearly cried when pearl had to go😭
Edgar Panlilio
Edgar Panlilio 7 days ago
The sound while thay bring pearl back home is pretty sad..😞
Paarth Shah
Paarth Shah 7 days ago
everyone's talking about pearl and tucker and journee.....give a little appreciation for Linda too
Addison 5 days ago
Aizen Uwu
Aizen Uwu 7 days ago
Pearl: HEKK Tucker: HEKK YOU
KimmieRulez With Emilia
KimmieRulez With Emilia 7 days ago
Who else wanted to cry at the end well just before it XD
Danielle Halvorsen
Danielle Halvorsen 7 days ago
Pearl is fast!and tucker is slow-_-
Steve Villarreal
Steve Villarreal 7 days ago
Tucker's anger at pearl is 100%
Shopaholic Girl
Shopaholic Girl 7 days ago
Puts her in trash 😂😂😂😂😂 omg
Shruti Kotowaroo
Shruti Kotowaroo 8 days ago
I almost cry dude I feel so sad when pearl face went sad
Shruti Kotowaroo
Shruti Kotowaroo 8 days ago
Pearl feels along
Swati Chavan
Swati Chavan 8 days ago
Are tucker and pearl always like this ?
Jivanthiga deenadayalan
Jivanthiga deenadayalan 8 days ago
How old is tucker?and Pearl is so cute
Adc Bell
Adc Bell 8 days ago
These dogs have black hearts when they seeeeeeee each other. Those dogs are in a war
donna pham
donna pham 8 days ago
It’s so cute to see they play together. Thanks for sharing this beautiful video....
Shamarr Blake
Shamarr Blake 8 days ago
Shamarr Blake
Shamarr Blake 8 days ago
At 3:30 tucker s mad
Shamarr Blake
Shamarr Blake 8 days ago
At 2:25 is a cute moment
Naveed Khan
Naveed Khan 8 days ago
Francielly Torres
Francielly Torres 8 days ago
Pratiksha Thakur
Pratiksha Thakur 8 days ago
Pearl and Tucker are like best friends & Journee and tucker are like wifey and hubby
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