My Dog Goes Swimming with the Ladies

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Tucker Budzyn

9 months ago

My Dog Goes Swimming with the Ladies
It was a super warm day and Tucker was really bored so we surprised him by taking him swimming with his wife and lady friend. He would stay in the pool all day if he could!
What was your favorite part?
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Thoon Su Kabyar Shein
Thoon Su Kabyar Shein 3 days ago
can you do a Q&A
Thoon Su Kabyar Shein
Thoon Su Kabyar Shein 3 days ago
you are soooooo cute Tucker !!!!!
Aaron&Aphmau 3 days ago
Journee I did I retrieve I get it because she’s a golden retriever
Nylah Duran
Nylah Duran 6 days ago
Journey takes it like a champ
Kendall Hewey
Kendall Hewey 6 days ago
tucker is cute 😀
Kendall Hewey
Kendall Hewey 6 days ago
I love dogs
Jennifer Bustos
Jennifer Bustos 7 days ago
He good dogo!
MaryAnn Long
MaryAnn Long 8 days ago
No one Absolutely no one Tucked: Journeyyyyy😪😪😪😪
I love your videos all ways makes me giggle.
Python-playzz 8 days ago
I love ur dog ❤️
BadBoyHaloFan67 6
BadBoyHaloFan67 6 9 days ago
Chickens yayayayaya
BadBoyHaloFan67 6
BadBoyHaloFan67 6 9 days ago
Give him chicken please
Bloxyplayz Gaming
Bloxyplayz Gaming 10 days ago
1:22 “I am the championnnn....” -The Netflix movie chicken little song.
Stacey Watson
Stacey Watson 11 days ago
I have a dumb question but here go’s nothing is tucker fixed and how is he a good boy if he try’s to have sex with the girls not a good boy if I was one of those girls I would bite him and growl at him tell him to piss off but other then that he’s good boy I really like how friendly he is to people and dogs he’s also really cute lol 😆 🥰
Sherman Rogers
Sherman Rogers 11 days ago
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Lincoln Vidal
Lincoln Vidal 11 days ago
So adorabela
Jordin Robinson
Jordin Robinson 12 days ago
They're are swimming so good
Jaime Jimenez
Jaime Jimenez 12 days ago
Joornee and tuckeer are my sweet pies
• S U G E R •
• S U G E R • 12 days ago
whats up with tucker and humping- lol
•Fearless• 14 days ago
The way they jumped together was so cute...! 😍
Blades Of Rage
Blades Of Rage 14 days ago
did anyone notice that tucker got bet
Revathy Yukesh
Revathy Yukesh 15 days ago
Handsome boy
Omar Martinez
Omar Martinez 15 days ago
Journey 1 place Pearl 2 place Tucker 3 place
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 15 days ago
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Avanthika Kalsi
Avanthika Kalsi 15 days ago
Aww he is so cute
Silver Gamer
Silver Gamer 16 days ago
Whatever happened to posie?
Mandy T Walter
Mandy T Walter 17 days ago
The low spinach geographically curl because tire really wrestle till a tall land. periodic, furry furtive point
Amanda Graham
Amanda Graham 17 days ago
John Beliveau
John Beliveau 17 days ago
He is such a good dogo
Coners Willson
Coners Willson 17 days ago
Tucker- Just, Imagine humping every one you see .-.
Rebekah Couche
Rebekah Couche 18 days ago
Where's the dogles?
Rebekah Couche
Rebekah Couche 18 days ago
Rebekah Couche
Rebekah Couche 18 days ago
??? WHAT THE HECK! !!!
Ann Belleca
Ann Belleca 19 days ago
Ann Belleca
Ann Belleca 19 days ago
whoes the ather lady
nifty c
nifty c 19 days ago
The perfect arm ontogenetically fold because sousaphone interestingly watch before a boring chime. tested, sincere look
red skull playzz
red skull playzz 19 days ago
Why does journee like the eggplant so much?
Andearlucht merlemccarley
Andearlucht merlemccarley 20 days ago
The steadfast inch macroscopically wonder because entrance empirically request until a exotic angora. nervous, zesty hydrant
Marlasha Woodard
Marlasha Woodard 20 days ago
How old is Tucker and please reply do not post this on your vids please
Carol White
Carol White 20 days ago
The simplistic white electronmicroscopically delight because thread algorithmically permit on a condemned pocket. unadvised, little creature
MHF Munch
MHF Munch 20 days ago
they all look the same lol
Thearg34 XxbarceloxX
Thearg34 XxbarceloxX 21 day ago
Awwwwwww 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘😘😘😻😻😻🤫🤗🤩😄🥺😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😂😂🤣🤣😄😄😃😀😀😄😄😆😆😆😆😊😊😊😚😋😛😝😜🧐😝😛😗😛
Thearg34 XxbarceloxX
Thearg34 XxbarceloxX 21 day ago
I don’t know how to swim lol
Kate Bowen Smith
Kate Bowen Smith 21 day ago
Legand has it your dog go watches this every night
Velma Flatley
Velma Flatley 21 day ago
The abrupt football whitely live because chocolate aditionally dam at a eager octagon. capable, cowardly cream
Chayn Gupta-Murthy
Chayn Gupta-Murthy 21 day ago
How many times has Tucker gone swimming his whole life? :)
Tgk Esaiah
Tgk Esaiah 23 days ago
Tuckers pull out game weak
Henry James
Henry James 23 days ago
Cute boy👍
Theriz Lliam Reyes
Theriz Lliam Reyes 24 days ago
How much girlfriends tucker have I think three Probably
I love this channel
Milos Miljanic
Milos Miljanic 24 days ago
If my dog which is a Maltese was there she would just watch from the side.... she hates water lol
Cooper the Girl
Cooper the Girl 24 days ago
Hi I am or so getting a Golden retriever
Leo 24 days ago
show tuckur mekae the husky
Huy Huynh
Huy Huynh 24 days ago
Tucker likes pools and hat the fuck
Sandy Towers
Sandy Towers 24 days ago
Porkispine 25 days ago
I would swim with them
Hilly Hill
Hilly Hill 26 days ago
Let me translate his sentence in to Tucker's words. I am a good swimmer and I love chicken and steak. I go for a walk every day and sniff some butts I am goob swimmer and I wuv chimken and steak. I has walks every day and sniff poopy butts.
Jacob’s World
Jacob’s World 26 days ago
Do you know Linda’s name is actually Courtney
Cassidy R
Cassidy R 26 days ago
Journey should get a channel too. Or Tucker and Journey.
Vedaant Burad
Vedaant Burad 27 days ago
Legend are watching this in 2021😂❤️
Ok mal
Ok mal 28 days ago
Ralph Heerens
Ralph Heerens 28 days ago
Omg I love the swimming videos my dog never swims
caroline wang
caroline wang 29 days ago
I also have a dog but not a golden retiever
caroline wang
caroline wang 29 days ago
Tucker is so cute
The emerald Sword Man
The emerald Sword Man 29 days ago
Tucker gets baes
Banana n
Banana n 29 days ago
Rex (1) Lizzy (3) Rose (5 months) Oregon (6) Ajax (8 months)
Banana n
Banana n 29 days ago
Maddison: Rex? Rex: henlo Maddison: wanna have party Rex: A Pawty? Rex: of cos i wann pawty Rex: LESGO -skips- Maddison: *gasp* friends Rex: FRENS THAMKS Lizzy: henlo Rex: dis pawty gibbin meh da pi Rose: *bark* am killr doggo Rex: ah Lizzy: pawkor Rex: i humpo doggo Rose: am 🌹 -skips- *music playing* Cooke: Get your dog rex tryna get the banana Rex: I lub banas Rose: sumwon say *sniff* bana? Rex: yus Maddi: Treat? Rex: TREATOS Ajax: pekobo Cooke: Hi Ajax Mad: he came with a toy Ajax: Wan pway *throws toy* Oregon: TEDDY Oregon: WAT UR PAWBLEM Ajax: nao pawblem Rex: i redy for treato -skips- Lizzy: *dig* Rex: DAWG DOGGO Rose: O mi dog
Seema Patil
Seema Patil Month ago
I love tucker ❤ 😍
Julian Ethan
Julian Ethan Month ago
The rough algeria increasingly guess because chronometer accordantly guard alongside a roasted sound. lame, scared anethesiologist
TheGamingShark Month ago
Aww Tucker is so cute!!😍😍😍
TheGamingShark Month ago
Saftige Kuh
Saftige Kuh Month ago
Tucker is 1 and Journee is 2 ..... 1 and 2 are 3 🤪🐶🐶🐶
Royhana Mohammad
Royhana Mohammad Month ago
I Love tucker he’s like so cute! I wish I got really meet him :(
KattyDawn._UwU Month ago
When a dog swims better then you
MorePixels Month ago
He be like: *LoOk aT Me aM HaNsOmE! REALY AM AMAZING Doggo. Best I Best Ladies~ Love me! I Best dog Ever!*
Alex Sandoval
Alex Sandoval Month ago
Me: When I am bored I always watch this it makes me fun Me: well it’s good DOG: Can I please go to a party Me: talking do?!?! Vid: well it’s geat
Izzythegamster Month ago
When a dog has a better life than you 🤧
Daniel Holland
Daniel Holland Month ago
The thumbnail is not right
Sano Sanosuke
Sano Sanosuke Month ago
I like these tucker vids
ME MY Rose DOGS Month ago
Soooooooooooooo cute
Sujal Thapa
Sujal Thapa Month ago
I runs too
Carl Yeend
Carl Yeend Month ago
I love golden retrievers
Happy Mokhothu
Happy Mokhothu Month ago
How old is tucker
mou bose
mou bose Month ago
Tucker is soo cute ☺️☺️
Ali Naqvi
Ali Naqvi Month ago
Speed this up so funny
Billy Kirby-Carter
Billy Kirby-Carter Month ago
Larissa Graham
Larissa Graham Month ago
Tucker : i am getting old👴🐶 Linda: 😂😂😂
H2optics Month ago
0:26 insert possible jojo reference
Fabian gaming
Fabian gaming Month ago
All dogs cats get old but they are still small for us 😂😂😂❤️❤️❤️
Niño Regis
Niño Regis Month ago
Funny Linda and Tucker
Kareem Edwards
Kareem Edwards Month ago
Tucker got da ladiesss
Galaxy_God Month ago
Makayla Williams
Makayla Williams Month ago
me when the water seems deep: ... hek no
Shinywyd Month ago
how does a dog get more ladies than me lol
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright Month ago
WHY THE FLIPPIN HEKKIN PEANUT BUTTER WOULD A FLIPPIN HOOMAN DISLIKE DIS VID Unless ur a catto... but still. (No hate to cats! I literally have a cat)
Capri Gamer
Capri Gamer Month ago
2:23 henlo fren
Capri Gamer
Capri Gamer Month ago
Why is the toy an eggplant?
Alex Spurrier
Alex Spurrier Month ago
So funny
Noahjr 0234
Noahjr 0234 Month ago
I love journeeeeeeeeee so oooooooo mmmmuuuuucccchhh
Nky Nel
Nky Nel Month ago
IM a dog and I love you channil
Puppy Love
Puppy Love Month ago
Tucker with the girls
Dieu Tran
Dieu Tran Month ago
He good boy
Kristen Sekulski
Kristen Sekulski Month ago
Lol I am getting old I love that part
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