Hugging My Dog's Brother for Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction

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Tucker Budzyn

13 days ago

Hugging My Dog's Brother for Too Long | Jealous Dog Reaction
Tucker's brother Gator was over for a play date. Gator is a super cuddle bug and he won't let Tucker stop him from cuddling Linda. But Tucker always wants to be the center of attention. This is how he reacts when Gator gets a hug!
What was your favorite part???
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Jenny Lyn Claravall
Jenny Lyn Claravall 11 minutes ago
Wow 2M views that is amazing 👍
Vikas Bhai
Vikas Bhai Hour ago
Is not Ticket
Matthew Benitez
Matthew Benitez Hour ago
ilove dat boy
Summer McNeil-Jones
Summer McNeil-Jones 3 hours ago
what breed are they?
Heather Burton
Heather Burton 3 hours ago
It’s so cute 😊 there reaction is just eeee
Najah Muhsin
Najah Muhsin 4 hours ago
tucker is so cute😭😭❤️
Toon kinga
Toon kinga 5 hours ago
Suzie Tun
Suzie Tun 6 hours ago
Can you do a Dog review food with brother
Fanf Fan1
Fanf Fan1 7 hours ago
Can we ask more questions to Tucker
Gwenevere 7 hours ago
Linda, do I perceive a Pittsburgh, PA area accent from you? Just curious...I am from PA, my Father from Pittsburgh ....I could be wrong....but...just asking......I know you said you are living in Michigan in another vid....curious..thanks
Miles Lewis
Miles Lewis 12 hours ago
Your rocking Linda!
may the chocolate dog
may the chocolate dog 12 hours ago
Which one is tucker?!
Aylin Godinez
Aylin Godinez 12 hours ago
Linda can u keep recording in u channel like u used to
Amera Elsawi
Amera Elsawi 14 hours ago
New video pleasr
J Dhandho
J Dhandho 16 hours ago
Make other vid with Pearl pls.
Bella Vale-Flores
Bella Vale-Flores 17 hours ago
Varsha 17 hours ago
OMG Tuckers reaction was sooo funny 😆 Linda Hahahahaha
MixTeeNeens 17 hours ago
Look how happy our tucker is love u 💕😍
Angel Renee
Angel Renee 17 hours ago
Too funny! Lol!
Olivia # rocco
Olivia # rocco 19 hours ago
I love tucker he is so cute
Serkan Korkmaz
Serkan Korkmaz 19 hours ago
sis your dogs are su cute ı m turkish but you with pleasure i am watching but I know your language
Krishiv Arora
Krishiv Arora 19 hours ago
Whats up linda H
nagender guptha
nagender guptha 20 hours ago
Linda where r u from??
Gucci the culture pomeranian
Gucci the culture pomeranian 21 hour ago
hello linda, how is tucker ?
R 21 hour ago
0:38 dog's pose😂❤
Ak and anu
Ak and anu 21 hour ago
I wish all your dream come true your lovely ak and Anu
Andrew Ye
Andrew Ye 21 hour ago
One of Tucker’s favorite words: HEKK
Jupiter Almighty
Jupiter Almighty 22 hours ago
I hate these kinds of videos because the dog may think it's not as loved as the other. No more "pranks" please.
Ian Chebet
Ian Chebet 22 hours ago
is tucker dead or not
Savio Erai
Savio Erai 23 hours ago
Tucker the best 😍😘
Sonic mix the Flash
Sonic mix the Flash 23 hours ago
Gas Mask
Gas Mask 23 hours ago
When is Tucker and Journee having a puppy??
N i k i
N i k i 23 hours ago
Doggo :O Cute.
Sundae Gachaz
Sundae Gachaz Day ago
Mini crewmate
Mini crewmate Day ago
Tucker is soo cute
Mr. Commando Reborn / Grim The Night Summmoner
Mr. Commando Reborn / Grim The Night Summmoner Day ago
Gator always doing to her...
Mr. Commando Reborn / Grim The Night Summmoner
Mr. Commando Reborn / Grim The Night Summmoner Day ago
Is Tucker stopping his brother?
Niki Pervolaraki
Niki Pervolaraki Day ago
One vidio wiet jurnjern (tuckers wief) plize
violett quincy
violett quincy Day ago
She looks like a pixar mom
Haleysongtopaz Day ago
Im getting a new English cream golden and we’re naming him tucker.
Kenisha Tandwalia
Kenisha Tandwalia Day ago
I feel like tucker is actually saying that ❤️
Gio STEEZ Day ago
Stupid dumb cute dogs.
• DaArtsyBerry •
• DaArtsyBerry • Day ago
GenshinAddict Day ago
A real dog cannot talk
legendary gamer p
legendary gamer p Day ago
Why haven't you made a video in a week
Toile Paper
Toile Paper Day ago
Hiiii Linda and tucker!! I just SUBED and just wanted to say keep up the good work and love your vids!!!
[ChRiiiStInee ]
[ChRiiiStInee ] Day ago
Arent they just so big and cute ☺
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Lilli and Chance
Lilli and Chance Day ago
Hey Linda lol Thank you for inspiring me to make my USposts about my dog if you guys wanna check it out ho ahead :)
༺DCM༻ 23 hours ago
@Milo & Izzy You don't have to respond on every comment! Lack of attention?
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Tony Jax
Tony Jax Day ago
Everytime she says mama or papa, it makes me feel old because they are kids themselves!
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Anikka Samonte
Anikka Samonte Day ago
Tucker thr jealous doggg hahhahaha
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Maritza Velez
Maritza Velez Day ago
Question for Tucker: are you crazy
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Sadako Chan
Sadako Chan Day ago
I love you dogs
༺DCM༻ 23 hours ago
@Milo & Izzy You don't have to respond on every comment! Lack of attention?
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Keesha Cook
Keesha Cook Day ago
Hi Tucker
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Yoyo Lo
Yoyo Lo Day ago
To be a big idiot
Yoyo Lo
Yoyo Lo Day ago
Thanks for your reply
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Audrey Paige
Audrey Paige Day ago
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Pinksupergrl95 Day ago
"Leeenda try to trick us so now we heckinn squeessssshhh her, bite da toes & den likkkk her to defff"
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Aldrin Balanay
Aldrin Balanay Day ago
i mean it kind of tuckers fault beacuz he keep on say uuuuuhhhh linda stinks belkhk and at this time when his sibling hug her he is saying get off her and when no one is hugging her he is mean to her :1:1
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Daizy & Cupcake
Daizy & Cupcake Day ago
Hi Tucker Budzyn I have an idea for a Video you should do a video of tucker showing us how to cook something I got this idea from 1:22 - 1:33 of “My dog throws a party!” and the video “my dog makes his own break fast”
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
Rouqya Waleed
Rouqya Waleed Day ago
Milo & Izzy
Milo & Izzy Day ago
vasu sherigar
vasu sherigar Day ago
Love you tucker
vasu sherigar
vasu sherigar Day ago
How you tucker and Linda tucker your so adorable and funny and smart
legendary gamer p Pikachu legendary gamer
legendary gamer p Pikachu legendary gamer Day ago
Why haven't to made a video In a week
Le Mieux
Le Mieux Day ago
Linda is amazing. She's such a friendly, nice woman. Sorry, but i'm a bit in love. 🤗 And with her doggoz too. 🐕
skiba216 Day ago
I love tucker and linda there so funny🤣
Nova Flare
Nova Flare Day ago
They're both so handsome and cute. I'd take all da kisses!
Hritish's World
Hritish's World Day ago
Urooj Tariq
Urooj Tariq 2 days ago
Literally no one linda: who bite my toe😂
Radhika Parthasarathy
Radhika Parthasarathy 2 days ago
i do not like gator
Owen T
Owen T 2 days ago
LMAO gator licking all that makeup off
bfudge 2 days ago
I’ve been wondering for a while. Is tucked a pure bred golden retriever or what? He’s so damn fluffy I want one. Also should I get a golden retriever. I’ve heard bad things like “they are too hyper” or “they are too hairy and shed everywhere.” I have always wanted one and idk wether it’s a good choice or not? Anyone have advice
GenshinAddict 2 days ago
is gator boy or girl
Pranav Pathak
Pranav Pathak 2 days ago
Tucker: *licks Linda's face* Linda: *whroooooof*
Thor2021 Ishere
Thor2021 Ishere 2 days ago
So this is what girls do between boyfriends...
Murphy the Beagle
Murphy the Beagle 2 days ago
Cute dogs
QrincessQri 2 days ago
Linda: I’m alive but I’m dead!
Andrea :/
Andrea :/ 2 days ago
Heather Kirks
Heather Kirks 2 days ago
Really funny how tucker reacts
Janice Mendoza
Janice Mendoza 2 days ago
Gator : dont call me peanut butter but he so jelly
Yarina Moya
Yarina Moya 2 days ago
Charlie Mario
Charlie Mario 2 days ago
Can someone tell me what app she uses to edit her videos?
Devin Ellison
Devin Ellison 2 days ago
She use the she doesn’t use a app
Devin Ellison
Devin Ellison 2 days ago
KameKaziMusic 2 days ago
Now that's a good boy 😊😊😊
Charlotte Adams
Charlotte Adams 2 days ago
little smokey_the pomeranian
little smokey_the pomeranian 2 days ago
I am an Indian, Hai sister, you have cutest dogs.
Illuminante 2 days ago
I really appreciate all of your videos, it makes me think of how beautiful dogs are. This heals my depression. Unfortunately i lost my dog a couple years ago and still miss her. Thinking about getting a new one but it still wont be the same dog.
Umeri Don
Umeri Don 2 days ago
Uh mmm she already did this vid with riley a year ago
VARUN VIGNESH 2 days ago
Hey guys!! I just bought a Labrador dog. And I'm thinking of name, so suggest some name if you know some..
michael daquioag
michael daquioag 2 days ago
Licking means kisses to dogs
Dewberry150 2 days ago
Tucker has gotten soo big 🥰
MusicQueen 2 days ago
When they where kissing ....... Linda:what are you doing Me: what does it look like ??
zzombies 99
zzombies 99 3 days ago
Can tucker give us an owa owa
High Alpha
High Alpha 3 days ago
Go Gator.. see in the wild the better man wins!😄
Nathan Jacob
Nathan Jacob 3 days ago
Do you have tucker shirt age for kids as 10 age
Chaitanya Chauhan
Chaitanya Chauhan 3 days ago
1 week and she has 64 k likes....
Distya Fihinna Gitrie
Distya Fihinna Gitrie 3 days ago
Yo linds your kinda late i guess- someone made a chime meme of tucker and you you should check it out! User: • Someone •
Ojasvi Vasudha
Ojasvi Vasudha 3 days ago
Tucker's brother is soo cute in his bow tie even Tucker too
Smart and cute puppies
Smart and cute puppies 3 days ago
My idol tucker 😚❤️
Vishnu Thilakkan
Vishnu Thilakkan 3 days ago
Have fun with KY
Have fun with KY 3 days ago
Yesenia Raygoza
Yesenia Raygoza 3 days ago
Yesenia Raygoza
Yesenia Raygoza 3 days ago
Yesenia Raygoza
Yesenia Raygoza 3 days ago
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