This Is What My Dog Does Every Morning

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Tucker Budzyn

10 months ago

This Is What My Dog Does Every Morning
There's nothing like living with a golden retriever. You will always have a fluffy buddy right by your side each and every morning. This is what Tucker does every day when I wake up.
What was your favorite part?
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Samantha Ward
Samantha Ward Day ago
1:55 soo cute and where is this good lighting coming from it brings out his gold floof really nicely luv u tucker
sddssd sddsssddd
sddssd sddsssddd Day ago
What the hell is that thing it is not a dog
Bløøsøm Bluberry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Bløøsøm Bluberry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 days ago
Bløøsøm Bluberry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Bløøsøm Bluberry ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 days ago
Why is da LiNdA mook a hi picth-
CARDINAL701 2 days ago
That dog is flat out the coolest thing ever 🐕
Madhurima Ganguly
Madhurima Ganguly 3 days ago
So cute holy fluffy nugest So cute ❤❤❤❤❤ I just really love tucker ❤❤❤❤❤
Spider-AS 3 days ago
Just tell him Journee is outside.
the cool man
the cool man 4 days ago
sorry for all my commets but does he have his own bed bed?
the cool man
the cool man 4 days ago
but watch Supercooper sunday
the cool man
the cool man 4 days ago
😂😂😃🤣 he is so cute i have two great peranease and one chocklet lab
Reese Olsen
Reese Olsen 5 days ago
Awwww I wish I was able to cuddle mah dog cuz he would keep biting me :’)
-VIO -
-VIO - 6 days ago
Gues I’m not the only one who calls my dog baba
Shahid Ullah
Shahid Ullah 6 days ago
Who is he???the boy??
Rebecca Smith
Rebecca Smith 6 days ago
tucker reminds me of my saint menard i miss her so mch but tucker is so LAZYYY
Srija Majumder
Srija Majumder 7 days ago
Uh l luv this part 3:09
Jimin'sLongLostJams 7 days ago
He is so much cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️♥️♥️💖💕💕❤️💗💗❤️💗❤️💗♥️❤️💕❤️💕❤️❤️💜💙💚💕💚💕💖💖♥️🖤💓💕🧡🧡♥️💓🖤💓♥️
Jacelle thomas
Jacelle thomas 7 days ago
Tucker is so chubby why?
nayelii cueva
nayelii cueva 7 days ago
Can you guys imagine if Linda had a baby 🥺❤️
vXViper 8 days ago
sometimes I wish I was Tucker and had Linda take care of me ^^
BLINK X ARMY 8 days ago
I wanna pet him 😭😭
Annie rose Juliano
Annie rose Juliano 8 days ago
goob morning
Win4Vin 8 days ago
he is the best tucker out there
gettaa official
gettaa official 8 days ago
Soccer so funny
ivy luria
ivy luria 9 days ago
Devashree Tripathi
Devashree Tripathi 10 days ago
He is so cute
Saleha Ali
Saleha Ali 10 days ago
A lot of love for Tucker a good pupp and Linda a good mom from india 😍😍
anqxlifiiy 10 days ago
did you change your name?
2:57 what?! Is that Timeworks?
entertainment nickey singh
entertainment nickey singh 10 days ago
He looks soo cute 😍 when he sleeps and cuddles when he makes that smush face its sooo cute 😍
Roblox Queen
Roblox Queen 11 days ago
There the best
Roblox Queen
Roblox Queen 11 days ago
I love your videos so much .And if you could you should take him to the amusement park and take him on a roller coaster ride.
Roblox Queen
Roblox Queen 11 days ago
Tucker is soo funny how do you know what he is saying?
Padmini N
Padmini N 12 days ago
Tucker is the cutest
Jessica Carlson
Jessica Carlson 12 days ago
The clear heaven surely drum because nancy virtually snow to a necessary squirrel. massive, colossal finger
Coners Willson
Coners Willson 12 days ago
Imagine a world where tucker didn’t talk. PPFFFFFFT
Kiran Singh
Kiran Singh 12 days ago
Hmmm..... I think tucker was writing what he was saying😀😀😎
Arunima Das
Arunima Das 12 days ago
Awwwwww,,Tucker is sooo cute , lovely and fluffy 😍😍
Creedster 13 days ago
It’s makes me smile every time I see henlo
Ojasvi Vasudha
Ojasvi Vasudha 13 days ago
I was laughing🤣 so hard when linda asked tucker his paw 🐾 he said it was broken 😹🤣😂
Ojasvi Vasudha
Ojasvi Vasudha 13 days ago
Courtney u have a very good and sweet voice. I love it ❤
Juan Miguel de Vera
Juan Miguel de Vera 13 days ago
Tuker is so cute
Dipi Sharma
Dipi Sharma 13 days ago
I love dogs I have a boxer and she is so adorable!!!
Jacie Vasquez
Jacie Vasquez 14 days ago
Juliet Weed
Juliet Weed 14 days ago
what a cute puppy
Skyler Salsbury
Skyler Salsbury 14 days ago
My dog is the total opposite he is 4 and wakes me up at 7every senile morning
Woolie Talacay
Woolie Talacay 15 days ago
tucker the goodest boy huhu I miss my golden boy 🥺
Yoon Kang
Yoon Kang 15 days ago
tucker is so adorable my heart can't take it
Kevin O'KANE
Kevin O'KANE 15 days ago
That is the same way my dog wacks up in the morning lol
Adam Jones
Adam Jones 15 days ago
Tuckers so cute
Ralph Heerens
Ralph Heerens 15 days ago
OMG I love how when he Yonns his chest hair is so long that his hair gets stuck in his mouth
Moustafa Ahmed
Moustafa Ahmed 15 days ago
Tucker is so lazy
Vaishali Patil
Vaishali Patil 15 days ago
It is Golden Retriever no?
Rynx 15 days ago
sleep sleepy tucker
The Crazy Willows
The Crazy Willows 15 days ago
'1,2 Sploot'
Renjith R
Renjith R 16 days ago
I have trouble sleeping some days i think about tucker i get fast sleep 😴
Caroline Price
Caroline Price 16 days ago
I wish I could meet Tucker
Joel Burrington
Joel Burrington 16 days ago
Sheena Winfrey
Sheena Winfrey 16 days ago
I love this dog...soooo sweet! He acts alot like my Cooper
Ava Harris
Ava Harris 16 days ago
He’s one off the cutest dog ever
Arti Thakur
Arti Thakur 17 days ago
Wot breed is dis cute doggo.. Golden retriever?!
Charles Shepherd
Charles Shepherd 17 days ago
Yeah baby so adorable
Hayden Magrone
Hayden Magrone 17 days ago
tuker is so cute
Eva Christadoss
Eva Christadoss 17 days ago
My sweet darling Tucky 💞
Stephanie Rooker
Stephanie Rooker 17 days ago
Tuckers so cute
Alyianna camacho
Alyianna camacho 17 days ago
I love watching tucker's videos they are cute and adorable and funny
Pink_Alpaca 18 days ago
Ticker has got the most glorious chest floofls I've ever seen
T. Hyde
T. Hyde 18 days ago
I am currently rebinging the "ROCKY" series while watching this. Ironic, haha
Naaz Merchant
Naaz Merchant 18 days ago
How can someone dislike a dogs video 😢
Jacky Chen
Jacky Chen 18 days ago
So cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiuuuuuuuuuuuuut ❤️
Pedro Albuquerque
Pedro Albuquerque 18 days ago
soo cuuuteeeee!!!! 😍😍😍
ThePotatoGOD 18 days ago
3:06 Cutest dog ever. R.I.p cooper (witch is my dog)
Ravneet Kour
Ravneet Kour 18 days ago
Aww! So cute ☺️💞💞😘😘
Asungla Jamir
Asungla Jamir 19 days ago
dad's face reveal pls🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😁
Potato Salad
Potato Salad 20 days ago
This reminds me of myself..
Aditya Bhardwaj
Aditya Bhardwaj 20 days ago
Wish I was a dog atleast then I would receive love and care. God bless you us all.
Stitch 4 days ago
Being a dog doesn’t mean earning love and care, as some people wouldn’t treat animals nor pets right. I’m not trying to be rude but it’s just how the world works
Not Me
Not Me 20 days ago
Luv doggos like tucker
Rblxtoh 20 days ago
❤️cute. Periot
Chelsea Lodini
Chelsea Lodini 21 day ago
Once my puppy got on the table and ate a full stick of butter
Cahir Mac Bhloscaidh
Cahir Mac Bhloscaidh 21 day ago
Tucker so cute
Ruby Chappell
Ruby Chappell 21 day ago
so much floooooooooffffffff
Logic Oreo
Logic Oreo 21 day ago
im just realizing linda sounds like marge-
Johnsongab 21 day ago
awww it's so cute that has the best dog 😘😘😘🥰
Ummi Heni
Ummi Heni 22 days ago
Tucker is the most adorable/savage dog i know loll
savvas karal
savvas karal 22 days ago
And my dog likes paper btw tucker is so cute❤️😂
Nathalia Alvarez
Nathalia Alvarez 22 days ago
gaurav singh mehta
gaurav singh mehta 22 days ago
when you will make a routine of tucker
Adam B.
Adam B. 23 days ago
I am so envious watching these. I miss having a golden so much
LAMA 23 days ago
How cute is Tucker!!!
Miwinaye Nonpone
Miwinaye Nonpone 23 days ago
He’s cute And cozy
Cupcake Kitty
Cupcake Kitty 23 days ago
I wish I can could meet tucker he so cute 🥰
_.vivek._ 23 days ago
I wish this bond goes lifelong 😥😥😥
Lucie - Roblox
Lucie - Roblox 24 days ago
Tucker: squints eyes at start Me: 🥺 you're so ooshie gooshie cute tucker 🥺
Isabelle Reason
Isabelle Reason 24 days ago
Good dog
Deevij Rawul
Deevij Rawul 25 days ago
Livin da life -am tucker
J. Fielden
J. Fielden 25 days ago
Your so funny
J. Fielden
J. Fielden 25 days ago
Linda I take it back you aren’t bad
Christian Guenther
Christian Guenther 25 days ago
Tucker is a big, floofy, beddy bye teddy 🐻
Lindsay Byram
Lindsay Byram 25 days ago
ok ok I know this vid was posted today but I want to watch it :D
Elijah Owsley
Elijah Owsley 25 days ago
POV: when mom wakes you up for school
CaryBear Ashe
CaryBear Ashe 26 days ago
Linda: are you getting up? Tucker: I’m not getting up so NaH
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