Dog Reviews Food With Baby Puppy | Tucker Taste Test 20

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Tucker Budzyn

4 months ago

Dog Reviews Food With Baby Puppy | Tucker Taste Test 20
Tucker's puppy friend Pearl was visiting for a few days and she was begging to get in on the Taste Testing fun. We call her "The Piranha"
What was your favorite part???
Info: All foods used in this video are safe for dogs IN MODERATION. Before feeding these foods to your dog, always test them in small amounts. Each pup is different!
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lilaxenia's fan
lilaxenia's fan 5 minutes ago
Pearl looks life corazon at pup academy watch it at netflix at comment the show
Pup academy
Searra S
Searra S 6 hours ago
Me : *sees the channel on recommendation* so you mean a dog got 3 million subscribers. Also me: awweeee this is so adorable *subscribes* 🤺🤺
Bill Till
Bill Till 8 hours ago
stacy arevalo
stacy arevalo 10 hours ago
Wit kind of dog is it
Burhan Qerimi
Burhan Qerimi 10 hours ago
Sorry maybe this is not the right video to do this but i gotta take it out !! 5 years ago i witnessed a crime being done to little puppies... It was a morning when me and my father were going to milk goats.. It still gives soon as i entered the door my father with a hopeless face stared at me and when i looked at what was going on as this fellow (who was 75 or something and was of the same neighbrohood as me) with a knife at his hand slaughtering those poor, innocent puppies one by the time i was there most of the puppies were headless...i mean this sick person had done the unimaginable..and the unforgetable thing so far in my life.. The image of seeing the poor mother of these dogs wondering around helpless and myself already too late and hopeless to help them out was by far the worste thing and feeling i have witnessed in my entire life!! I am an animal-lover and this case has probable given me an emotional trauma..which i still cant forget it to this day.. That sick person has died a year ago(may he burn in hell..that psychopath) but i kind of still dont talk to other people about this case whenever they mention this "person" and the irony is that people claim him to have been a good person!! I think he was a psychopath, an animalkiller..merciless, and sneaky heartless piece of sh**.. Anyways i wanted to share this with you ..i know it is disturbing but wanted to have your opinion on that because this is too much for me to talk about in person..i just cannot imagine that such thing could be done by a person... Thanks for reading this..and i apologize for this disturbing story..but people need know that animals should have rights too and people who do animalcruelty should be first of all prevented from doing any harm to them and second, be punished if they do. I am still sorry that i was not able to help them out.
Connor He is cute
Connor He is cute 10 hours ago
That is so fun
Erick Quinonez Tagle
Erick Quinonez Tagle 11 hours ago
At 0.08 is my Favorite part
Eden Gershon
Eden Gershon 14 hours ago
Summer Murray
Summer Murray 15 hours ago
I love this so much there so cute 🥰🥰🥰
ВЕНЯ И 5 Fyrgas
ВЕНЯ И 5 Fyrgas 17 hours ago
Салам малейкум
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo 18 hours ago
And Tucker
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo
Jose Guadalupe Camarillo 18 hours ago
I love dogs I like the big ones and small ones Pearl is so cute
Thomas Mills
Thomas Mills 18 hours ago
“Chimken?” M3: your almost there you were half right
Angelica Rona
Angelica Rona 19 hours ago
Nice Video So Cute Dogs God Bless and More Videos 🐶🐶❤️😍 Still Watching 2021/2022 11:19 Am Tuesday 4/13/21
Sarah-ann Hawkins
Sarah-ann Hawkins 20 hours ago
So cute
Elianros 39
Elianros 39 21 hour ago
OH MY GOD, THE little dog is super CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aleah Cajamarca
Aleah Cajamarca 23 hours ago
did u make sure that som of the food are not posin when u fed them ?*sorry i spelled somthing wrong*
Mastiff Shadow
Mastiff Shadow 23 hours ago
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 i want chimken
Shree shankar Hn
Shree shankar Hn Day ago
They are so good dogs feed them properly. They will help you...
Giyu's toilet
Giyu's toilet Day ago
Tucker is a good boy
Puppies Zone
Puppies Zone Day ago
They're so smart and cute at the same time 😍😍😍
Andi Lopez
Andi Lopez Day ago
Waites Kids
Waites Kids Day ago
Waites Kids
Waites Kids Day ago
Sooooo cute love your dog
Vũ Lan Anh
Vũ Lan Anh Day ago
Milk Pie
Milk Pie Day ago
Lol funny thing how they are talking to themselves LOL
chheng sor
chheng sor Day ago
aww they are so cute :D
꧁I n d i g o R x s e꧂
꧁I n d i g o R x s e꧂ Day ago
Joshthewartankengine 14
Joshthewartankengine 14 Day ago
This is amazing
molly hero
molly hero Day ago
I love that you talk for them
whitexchina Day ago
When my doggie used to be a pupp, he ate everything! I was barfing & he loved 🍏 🍌 🥕 🥦 (Tree of Doom) But then he just wanted 🥩 It was hard to get his diet right.
Michael Langdon
Michael Langdon Day ago
My dog loves apples and carrots. Even our toy poodle who weighs 6 pounds likes carrots! We never would have thought our poodle liked carrots!
TheCoolKittyLover 123
TheCoolKittyLover 123 Day ago
Seriously, these dogs are just too cute! 😍
Sarayna Shah
Sarayna Shah Day ago
The texts made it funnier . They are tooo cute . Makes me want these munchkins ❤️🥰😘
Kennedy Grace
Kennedy Grace Day ago
please give tucker some extra foods! XD
noor alnoofli
noor alnoofli Day ago
🤣🤣😂😂they don’t know how to talk
xycron Day ago
Pearl is so cute
Vanissa Lodge
Vanissa Lodge Day ago
pearl eats everything lol😂
Kiley Cruz
Kiley Cruz Day ago
Plot twist: *Tucker edits all the videos*
Haunted Gamer FF
Haunted Gamer FF Day ago
I like that small cute dog
Oliwia Day ago
"An almost chicken" OH NO-
Shianne Hart
Shianne Hart Day ago
I love the puppy
Mommy Anna
Mommy Anna 2 days ago
Do more taste test My brother like this video He always watch taste test He most like this because pearl Is funny
Sawan AlGhazal
Sawan AlGhazal 2 days ago
Omg the puppy is SO CUTE 🥺🥺🥺💕💕
Alexandra Reyes
Alexandra Reyes 2 days ago
Marinette Dupain Cheng
Marinette Dupain Cheng 2 days ago
you cute cute cute😂❤❤
Rhea Shah
Rhea Shah 2 days ago
I’m a dog lover
D KURNIAWATI 2 days ago
Pearl is on steroids...or natural steroids lol.
Фики Илханова
Фики Илханова 2 days ago
Фики Илханова
Фики Илханова 2 days ago
Violette Frites
Violette Frites 2 days ago
Félicitations maman golden et papa golden amicalements aux. Maitres violette frites
{•DreamNotFound•} ÙvÚ
{•DreamNotFound•} ÙvÚ 2 days ago
Froonch fries
majipoorcat 2 days ago
How is Pearl these days. We would love to see how much she has grown 🦋🌎🌻💜😸🌈🌹❤️
Xerxes, Bane of Sparta
Xerxes, Bane of Sparta 2 days ago
This video answered nothing, puppies eat anything.
Ryan & Bryana
Ryan & Bryana 2 days ago
Pearl: OMG FOODS tucker: 🙄🙄, can we end the video mom i gotta fart and sleep
Flipitvids Lol
Flipitvids Lol 2 days ago
I saw ur comment on u call u girlfriend that’s white and name maya and u cheat lol want chimken?
mp 2 days ago
omggg that lil pup omgggggg CUTIEEEEEEEEEEEEE
spy ninja hello
spy ninja hello 2 days ago
Love your dog's they are soo cute!💙💙💙🤗🥳🤩😍🥰😘
•Karla Hernandez•
•Karla Hernandez• 2 days ago
Lmao Your Vids are Funny!!!
Ryan Moten
Ryan Moten 2 days ago
I like purl
AliceAmber Suphasirisakul
AliceAmber Suphasirisakul 2 days ago
🐲 yikes yikes! 🐺 zombies eyes?
Coco 2 days ago
If I were the dog I would slap the owner in the face, tackle them and just go like ‘get outa here mate we are getting some real food’
FelixKorn Gaming
FelixKorn Gaming 3 days ago
dont wright something in the dogs head if you don’t know what they think
Alena Bichlerová
Alena Bichlerová 3 days ago
The low brace distally share because mailbox pragmatically stain to a flimsy pizza. material, homely motion
Jamie Markey
Jamie Markey 3 days ago
😙😙😁☺️😁👿👿👿👿chance change
the evil
the evil 3 days ago
Is cute🥰
Harini Githma
Harini Githma 3 days ago
Our Labrador is like pearl He loves fruits
Pravartika Raj
Pravartika Raj 3 days ago
That tiny one is soo cute,she even eats his food😂😂❤️
Legend k
Legend k 3 days ago
So sweet
Skid 3 days ago
That White Dog Is Crazy 😆
genuis person
genuis person 3 days ago
Dang Tucker doesn't like anything fruit/veggie related
Sophie Donlevy
Sophie Donlevy 3 days ago
I am your biggest fan and your dogs are so 😍
Arianacarol Hatter
Arianacarol Hatter 3 days ago
So cute my dog would never sit and be patient to eat she is like am hungry
Chris Beckford
Chris Beckford 3 days ago
The naughty gold biosynthetically jam because tramp correspondingly need beneath a hospitable leg. decisive, mute seed
Anand Gupta
Anand Gupta 3 days ago
Omar Luna
Omar Luna 3 days ago
Qq morning sjdj[
Casandra Woolever
Casandra Woolever 3 days ago
Oh my god
Dsk Urs
Dsk Urs 3 days ago
Dsk Urs
Dsk Urs 3 days ago
Oh you eat everything
Dsk Urs
Dsk Urs 3 days ago
Pearl you’re rude
Dsk Urs
Dsk Urs 3 days ago
He say what does he say
Dsk Urs
Dsk Urs 3 days ago
It’s great
Dsk Urs
Dsk Urs 3 days ago
Ok I will call all of. You
Dsk Urs
Dsk Urs 3 days ago
Rahul 3 days ago
Totally Awesome
Totally Awesome 3 days ago
I love how pearl eats all of Tucker's food! Lol
O’Reilly Fam
O’Reilly Fam 3 days ago
Lol I am buddy I love food
Millie, The Mix of Poodle and Cavalier
Millie, The Mix of Poodle and Cavalier 3 days ago
I will try the way as they are doing
Dee Allen
Dee Allen 3 days ago
So cute I want one and I’m pretty sure it’s a Golden retriever
Ahmed Bayan
Ahmed Bayan 3 days ago
Ahmed Bayan
Ahmed Bayan 3 days ago
wendy schutze
wendy schutze 3 days ago
Pearl has the same facial features as Journey?
Shanchu Panda
Shanchu Panda 4 days ago
Alternative title: Baby Puppy reviews food.
Esme Naz Aktürk
Esme Naz Aktürk 4 days ago
Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA
Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA 4 days ago
I love how pearl jumped on the table 2 times when the video started lol
Umesh Malhotra
Umesh Malhotra 4 days ago
❤️ April 2021❤️
Nibbs Spam
Nibbs Spam 4 days ago
The subtitles are the literal best
Tisy George
Tisy George 4 days ago
What is name of baby Puppy
MrPleiadian 4 days ago
I think in the end the big dog called the little bum, and the little dog heard it and insulted him back. HAHAHAHAH so funny The little one has no manners, and the big one knows that HAHAHA
Gordon Austin
Gordon Austin 4 days ago
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