My Dog Tries to Get In the Tub With Me

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Tucker Budzyn

10 months ago

My Dog Tries to Get In the Tub With Me
Tucker LOVES the bathtub just about as much as chicken. He demands that I get out of his tub otherwise hes coming in! What do you think he will do?
What was your favorite part?
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Ed Tsao
Ed Tsao 14 hours ago
Heck your pins are so cute
Shayla Rose Gutierrez
Shayla Rose Gutierrez Day ago
Tucker=Batman when growling
Charlie Miller
Charlie Miller Day ago
The video's you make are so cute and funny 😸
N Bachan
N Bachan 2 days ago
is her name linda or courtney????
Miorita Aldea
Miorita Aldea 3 days ago
Why you filming in a tub hekkin Linda
Sheldon Burgess
Sheldon Burgess 3 days ago
He is rude .
Zach Wilson
Zach Wilson 4 days ago
This dog is just to handsome I gotta sub and like
Joanna Gilliam
Joanna Gilliam 4 days ago
i like how Linda talks back to Tucker
DOODEE I 5 days ago
Now really wanna be tucker.
Maddie Clark
Maddie Clark 5 days ago
Love u tucker best dog and good boy
Gordon Austin
Gordon Austin 5 days ago
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Aya Davis
Aya Davis 5 days ago
mazi tonga
mazi tonga 5 days ago
He sure likes his tub
David Denishiya
David Denishiya 6 days ago
Eddie Han
Eddie Han 6 days ago
Tucker-Hekkin Linda Tucker-2021
Daryl Johnson
Daryl Johnson 6 days ago
This is the best video
Sophia Muncy
Sophia Muncy 8 days ago
My dogs come in the bathroom while I am taking a bath
Araceli Lopez
Araceli Lopez 8 days ago
You so good boy tho but mean lol
Tanika Dyce
Tanika Dyce 9 days ago
i want to name my dog tucker and tuckers gf i now here name but dont no how to spell it im 9 9 days ago
He was making sure, you are not drowning.
Maggie De La Cruz
Maggie De La Cruz 9 days ago
Tiahana Palmer
Tiahana Palmer 9 days ago
WHAT your making him suffer with water in this nose
Undisclosed Redacted
Undisclosed Redacted 10 days ago
I thought for sure that he was going to jump in there with you!
Irene Mondia
Irene Mondia 10 days ago
Why your vidios are not long
Kaelyn Grace
Kaelyn Grace 11 days ago
Sanjeev Singh
Sanjeev Singh 12 days ago
BGM is of Minecraft dungeons
Luis Sergio Cota Vega 3B
Luis Sergio Cota Vega 3B 12 days ago
... again?
Dipi Sharma
Dipi Sharma 12 days ago
U in my tub
nick ironside
nick ironside 12 days ago
How do 1.6k people dislike this?
Rohan M
Rohan M 12 days ago
Linda: “Ur hurting my ears” Tucker: “UR HURTING MY EARS!”
Aniksss 12 days ago
Vampire totally
Vampire totally 13 days ago
Tucker makes me smile y’all’s vids awesome
Quill 13 days ago
its so cute because its like theyre talking to each other
lucinda Charite
lucinda Charite 13 days ago
Ik ben ziek
Captain B-O
Captain B-O 13 days ago
Atube Vlogs
Atube Vlogs 14 days ago
Omg how did u train ur dog I love this it’s so cute
Lynette Lowry
Lynette Lowry 14 days ago
OMG TUCKER YOU ARE SO AMAZING (Linda tell Tucker that he is awsome!) please
Lynette Lowry
Lynette Lowry 14 days ago
da' king
da' king 14 days ago
"My Dog Tries to Get In the Tub With Me" thumbnail Tucker: GET OUT!
EstebanPlayzRoblox 14 days ago
Hahaha 😝
jasmine alcala
jasmine alcala 14 days ago
Your dog is soo cute and good job❤️
Ruth Valentin
Ruth Valentin 15 days ago
yup. that's right
Gabriel Ramirez
Gabriel Ramirez 15 days ago
Apple Watch Church un
Taylor Hecht
Taylor Hecht 15 days ago
Taylor Hecht
Taylor Hecht 15 days ago
Tucker, Bogey, and Bucky
Tucker, Bogey, and Bucky 15 days ago
His expressions go so well with the words and sentences 🙃🤣
Kailyn Bryant
Kailyn Bryant 15 days ago
This is so funny....and Tucker is so cute I love how u make the text not actually how u spell it lol. When he put his nose in the water died 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Xxwolfiegacha 16 days ago
This is what happens to my mom 😂😂😂😂😂
Natalie Zementbeisser
Natalie Zementbeisser 16 days ago
You talk more with your dog than some other with their own sexual partners.
Slayer 17 days ago
Who says they can'tt talk, right person can always listen
Fortnight Fam
Fortnight Fam 17 days ago
Yeah I agree with that comment
Brittani Mello
Brittani Mello 17 days ago
And also I just want to say make the video next Sunday
Brittani Mello
Brittani Mello 17 days ago
About tucker and pearl have a play date
Brittani Mello
Brittani Mello 17 days ago
Can you tell Tucker I love him
Gia Quinn
Gia Quinn 17 days ago
Linda: Ew, you spit on me! Tucker: good u deserved it
Vivian Phillips
Vivian Phillips 18 days ago
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IchyGD 18 days ago
Joe Deluca
Joe Deluca 18 days ago
You let that skinny guy in here with you, why not your real man Tucker Budzyn!!
Kéava Mehta-Malhotra
Kéava Mehta-Malhotra 18 days ago
Tucker is like my golden retriever. They are both boys and are on a raw food diet. My dream is for Tucker to meet my 7 month old puppy, Simba.
shany gaming
shany gaming 18 days ago
I love yo vedois
Elaina Elder
Elaina Elder 18 days ago
I thought tucker does not like the bath when he was little
wyzztv 18 days ago
I love when he took the soap I thought tucker would spit it out 😂
Alejandro Resendiz
Alejandro Resendiz 19 days ago
Kingofintroverts1127 19 days ago
My dogs would just drink the water.
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers 19 days ago
Olly Mae
Olly Mae 19 days ago
goldkittenz :3
goldkittenz :3 19 days ago
RayBob 20 days ago
Tucker is pretty smart
The TSP Leader
The TSP Leader 21 day ago
InzRobloxGamer 21 day ago
VVS. T.S0785
VVS. T.S0785 21 day ago
Tucker deserves 50000000 million subscribers
Mocap 21 day ago
Bath for big boy but can’t
Umair491 21 day ago
He’s such a cutie (Linda plz answer back)...also give the tub back
Brendan Gargan
Brendan Gargan 21 day ago
Why do we never see Linda 😀
Cahir Mac Bhloscaidh
Cahir Mac Bhloscaidh 21 day ago
I love tucker he’s so funny and cute 😂
Sheena Winfrey
Sheena Winfrey 21 day ago
Love Tucker! He means business...rotfl!!
Cynthia Rhodes
Cynthia Rhodes 21 day ago
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Clinten Teesdale
Clinten Teesdale 21 day ago
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ESHITA CHAND 21 day ago
Who has been a fan of turker after watching his channel!!!!😊😊
Ivan Pastor
Ivan Pastor 22 days ago
Me too
Unicorn Squad
Unicorn Squad 22 days ago
She taking a bath with door wide open😂🤭
鯉Yumeko 22 days ago
XD wut
KIAAN DHAWAN 22 days ago
What’s tuckers breed
Wendy Wendy
Wendy Wendy 23 days ago
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reyhaneh dolatpour
reyhaneh dolatpour 23 days ago
“ it allways MY TURN”
Edgar Brooks
Edgar Brooks 23 days ago
i'm still waiting for the time he actually jumps in
Dalal e
Dalal e 23 days ago
Tuckers 3 emotions and feeling ''Henlo!'' ''chmiken?'' ''HEKK YOU LINDA!'' ''dis a joke?'' ''CRAP!'' ''must resist'' ''OH HEKK!'' ''make it stop!'' ''Am I cute?' Tucker is the cutest dog ever, I wish I had a pet like him cause he's the cutest thing on the whole galaxy.
SOKTY Y 23 days ago
Awwwwwwww Tucker is sooooooooo. Cuteeeeee
Erin Kelly
Erin Kelly 23 days ago
I like how he’s like that’s the pawblom Edit: why cant he spell
Pauline Glasper
Pauline Glasper 23 days ago
Ghorba Mahmoud
Ghorba Mahmoud 24 days ago
The part when the dog said out of my tub or Elsa a poo and every single shoes made me laugh so so so hard😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Cupcake Kitty
Cupcake Kitty 24 days ago
Tucker sooo cute 🥰
Alley Cat
Alley Cat 25 days ago
I love ittttt
Sheena Maria
Sheena Maria 25 days ago
Tucker is so funny when he see Linda is in the bathtub
Maria Villa
Maria Villa 25 days ago
Animal Lover
Animal Lover 25 days ago
It’s cringe when Linda talks like a baby way to Tucker like grow up
FREDDY MANDU 26 days ago
Tucker must be a human under his skin...He's not just a doggy for sure.
Jonathan Hoskins
Jonathan Hoskins 25 days ago
he's half hooman
Alicia Stoutamire
Alicia Stoutamire 26 days ago
He can't get in the bathtub he just a dog
Kids McFadden
Kids McFadden 26 days ago
1:45 I didn’t know the tub was full of water until Tucker started snorkeling in it.
Poptart 07
Poptart 07 26 days ago
This is my FAVORITE TUCKER VIDEO!! Ahaha! He is so funny
Emmaria Stewart
Emmaria Stewart 26 days ago
Linda: You're hurting my ears Tucker: U hurting my eyes butt cheek McGuee Man after that i couldn't stop laughing
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